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Attacking the countertop


Sometimes when I do a home improvement project, I think and think and think and then just take a deep breath and go.  That happened today. We were planning on redoing the counters this winter. Then when we found Radiance Manor and I decided not to do them since we were supposed to move shortly.  Now there is the delay and I am back to hating the counters again and want to do something with them so prospective buyers won’t say “ick” like I do.


Someone decided that gray floor tiles with 1/4 dark grout would be nice for a counter.  It’s not. The grout is gross and hard to keep clean.

Plus, there is no backsplash.

WP_20140220_005I ran out of work today in the afternoon and you know that saying about the devil and idle hands.  I went out into the shop and got the hammer, chisel and safety goggles.  John said something like “What are you deconstructing?”  My response?  “Nothing.”  :mrgreen:  Not like I was fooling John at all.  I am very fortunate that he pretty much lets me do whatever project I want to do without a fuss. At least outwardly anyway.

First stop was removing the wood border. I want to keep that if I can. It just needs sanding and refinishing.  This is going to be a very cost efficient project.  I am not sure about the copper paint in this house on the counter. I had the espresso machine sitting on the scrap pieces and while nothing else we did on the counter bothered it, the machine left dimples in the surface from its feet.  Granted it is a heavy machine, but so is the microwave and stand mixer.  A little bummed there, but I will be painting other things with the copper paint.

It took less than an hour to remove the tile – partially because it wasn’t laid very well.


Yes, that is our coffee grinder. Most people have a regular coffee grinder. I don’t mess around. I have a COFFEE GRINDER.


All done except removing the sink, but we need to use that for now.  :D  That white bag is to protect Pixie’s feet. This is where she always jumps on the counter to get to the window and I didn’t want her to get any debris on her pads or get a splinter.

I actually kind of blame Cammy for this.  She asked a question about what our kitchens looked like, which got me thinking for the answer and there you go. At least I have a project for this weekend.

Don’t forget about the Healthy Heart WeekendIt starts on Friday!


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