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Paint update

Hey, how about that – it’s Friday!  And an update on my counter idea.  You may remember the Rustoleum copper paint?


Here it is on my piece of counter top.  This was 3 coats – and not super even because I was using a foam brush.


This is the coolest paint ever!  It brushes on smooth  and then forms a hammered pattern, which was fun to watch.  See – watching paint dry *is* fun!!


How cool is that?  Anyway, this alone is not strong enough to hold up as you can mar the surface.  Since I am thinking of doing a counter top with this, it needs to put up with some abuse.  So, I put some polyurethane over it.


Now, this is semi-gloss, because that is just what I had on hand from doing the table. I will get the clear glossy polyacrylic if this turns out viable.   Now we need to abuse this piece, set stuff on it, drop things on it and see how it holds up. 

Even if it doesn’t work as a counter top, I must find another use for it because I love this finish.  I am thinking maybe some terra cotta flower pots in my tippy pot planter would look amazing with this!

Hope everyone warms up this weekend! 

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