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A lesson in patience

So, we were given some news on the new Radiance Manor on Friday. We were supposed to have closed already on it.  Apparently, there are some title issues and the selling bank cannot close until they take care of them.  There were some liens there were missed when the property went through bankruptcy, so this clouds the title and we can’t close.  I sure am glad I wasn’t in the room when that person’s mistake was found out.  These sound like sizable liens and so the bank is going through the route to discharge them like going through another bankruptcy.  So, this delays the closing for about 6 months… or even longer. It could be up to a year.  We were offered the chance to walk away from the deal without losing any money or we could wait.  There really was no question on my part or John’s. We love the house and are willing to wait.  We don’t have to do anything or pay anything because it is on the seller’s side.  We just have to wait… and wait… and wait. 

I have to say it is fairly annoying.  We were in the prep phase of moving. Now we have no idea when this will happen.  I am surprisingly not upset about it because it would do no good. We just have to accept it and be patient. We decided to focus on the positives of this delay.  We won’t have 2 houses to  have babysat while we are on vacation.  We won’t have to de-winterize a house in the dead of winter.  We get to enjoy the remodeled bathroom a little longer.  I get to enjoy my garden for most of the summer.  So, not all bad.

So, now we have free time LOL!  John went away this weekend (checking the dome light of the Prius repeatedly :mrgreen:  )  He left ahead of Saturday’s storm, thank goodness.


The roads were yucky all day. I did a quick run to the bank and to pick up milk in the morning and realized I wouldn’t be going out any more for the rest of the day.  So, I did some projects.  I am itching to start rehabbing and now that is put on hold indefinitely.  I scrubbed the kitchen floors and then did some touch-up painting. Some people like shabby chic.  I do not.


It was time to touch all this up and make it look fresh again.


It looks so much better!  Need to do the uppers, but there is plenty of time.  I am going to put in a new counter top, too.  We weren’t going to do it because of the move, but I hate the one we have and am going to try an experiment.

Sunday was much better weather and I met my sister, a friend of hers and the girls at a Irish pub/eatery.


I don’t drink much any more, even though I actually really enjoy it.  I just don’t want the calories.  However, I was freezing – like I have been for months now, it feels like.  I decided to get an Irish coffee to get warm.



Well, that worked.  I think it was more Irish than coffee, if you get my drift.   We had food and a nice chat.  They had gotten back from ice fishing, which I was invited to, but I just couldn’t do it!  It was 14 degrees out.  Not gonna happen.  But, I was certainly happy to meet them afterwards… inside!

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