Things I Like


A wee bit of walking

I so badly wanted to bike this weekend. I am getting crabby with the no biking thing. It was just too windy, though. Also a bit cold. 40 degrees and wind is no bueno for biking, even for me.

So, we decided instead to do a little walking at Saratoga Spa Park. We drove down […]

Walking, walking, walking

Bagel day today. No biking, however. It was very cloudy and radar showed heavy rain coming in. So, we decided to walk to the new cafe. It’s only about 1.3 miles from our house, so a good walking exercise there and back. Our town put up new little flags. How charming.

Note the saucy […]

Walking of sorts

Hey y’all! Ha ha, can a yankee girl say ‘y’all’?? Just to let you know I am feeling fine today. I got over my annoyance from yesterday and just am going with the flow. Still unsure as to the actual closing on the house, but it will happen. I didn’t stress eat yesterday. I had […]

Chasing away the blues.

Getting better bit by bit. I am just hoping to be walking pain free very soon. That would be a giant step forward. I was feeling pretty blue this morning about the whole thing. I just wish I had a timeline, you know?

Very sad clown here…. I made a comforting bowl of banana […]

Bagels and settling the mind.

I had a great night’s sleep – yay! I wanted to stay up and watch the short track, but couldn’t make it past the semi-finals. We headed on out to breakfast at Panera Bread. I had a french toast bagel. So good.

The coffee had grounds in it again, though. What is up with […]

Bagels and no more pumpkin!

Thanks for your comments on yesterday’s post. I felt a little silly actually putting that out there, but there it is! I’m back to my usual self today

You know what Sunday morning is! Gingerbread…

And here is proof that I actually eat these things:

Chomp!! Still sticking by my Broncos – […]

Weekend is here!

Yippee! Done with work today and my weekend begins! Any of you who missed it earlier, John hit his goal weight today! That makes it a good day all around for both of us. I’ll just keep plugging along LOL! His reward is new clothes this weekend!

Tomorrow is my last NROLW workout, so I […]

Sore and protein power!

I took a Tylenol PM last night both for the back and the pain at the Broncos loss last night. I slept really well for almost 8 hours (go me!!). Opened my eyes and took inventory:

Sore legs? check

Sore butt? check

Sore arms, sides and chest? Check, check, and check.

My back injury actually […]

Crazy busy day

You know those days where you have some things planned, and you end up doing everything but those things? The plan was for DH and I to go on a long bike ride, have some frozen yogurt and go to the library. Instead, we got groceries, then my parents found a house they really liked, […]