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November Wrap Up!

11 months gone for 2012.  Only about 3 weeks left until Armageddon, too, and I still have a lot to do  :mrgreen:

Billy had his big adventure at the vet’s today.  He was quite the trooper and is now back home and singing soprano.  Such a good kitty.  Officially up for adoption now.

Without further ado, here were the goals for November and how I did:

1. Do several days a week of lower-carb/grain-free.  I did okay here, but this last week was a trip to Snack Town. Ugh.

2. Organize the bedroom.  Oops. I did go thrifting for dressers, but couldn’t find anything in my price range (aka cheap). This is a work in progress

3. Run a 5K on Thanksgiving.  I did not run one on Thanksgiving, but did run one the week before. I did walk for at least a 5K on Thanksgiving and now I have given up running yet again.

4. Get out and do more.  I have felt so busy this month that I don’t know if this was a success or not. LOL

5.  Going with the no-grain days in goal 1, I will also make some new grain-free recipes and post them.  I posted 2 recipes. Parmesan crackers and the banana puff.

Goals were definitely underachieved this month. That’s okay, though. Plenty of goals are always available to work for!

This weekend is more craft show shopping, taking John out for his football meal (again!!! Ahhhh!!!), and who knows what other trouble I will get into.

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