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Banana puff and kitties

November almost over!  I was in the mood for a warm and toasty breakfast today.  Someone had asked me in the comments if subbing almond flour for coconut flour would work in the banana breakfast bread pudding.  I wasn’t totally sure, but figured today was a good day to find out.

I shall dub this the Almond Banana Puff

Using these ingredients:

  • 1 medium banana
  • 60 grams of egg whites (probably 3 or 4?)
  • 2 tablespoons (14 grams) almond flour
  • cinnamon to taste
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder

First off, I put the banana and egg whites in my mini blender and whizzed them up.  You probably don’t have to do this, but the end product won’t be so puffy.  This banana was firm, so that’s why I did it.  Then I baked for 20 minutes at 350 degrees.  The result?  Basically a banana souffle.

The almond meal is not as absorbent as the coconut flour, so this let it puff up like a souffle as the batter was liquidy. I didn’t double the almond flour because it is pretty caloric compared to coconut flour.

See how fluffy this is?

Good deal.  Calories on this (without toppings) are about 220.

So on to some randomness now:

Funny, when I wrote the blog title about ‘book update’ the other day, I didn’t think that people might interpret that as a book I was writing.  I am not writing a book and have no plans on writing a book. At least a nonfiction one at any rate.  I just stick to reviewing ones I have read  :grin:

I have noticed that quite a few people who lost a lot of weight and then wrote books have regained a good amount of weight back.  It is just tough to put yourself in the public eye like that – especially if you struggle.  Sometimes it is hard enough having a blog and never having made it to goal :ahem:

More doin’s:

Update on Billy.  Aka Big Bill the Pill.  Isn’t it funny how we call our pets every other name but the one we gave them?

Anyhoo, Billy goes tomorrow for his neutering (don’t tell him!!) and he will be officially up for adoption at that point, although we are fostering him until then or they have another foster home that opens up to take him.  He has turned out to be quite the nice cat. Super, super friendly and kind of silly (hence the nickname).   I really hope he has a new home by Christmas.  He’s filled out nicely with all the food.

I think it looks like he has a Mickey Mouse head on his back. Does anyone else see it?

Not to be outdone in the cuteness area, here is Pixie sucking her toes in my lap today. It is so effing cute when she does this!

And if you are wondering, one of Pixie’s alternative names is P-diddly.  John christened her with that one.  I guess some cross between Bo Diddly and P Diddy :mrgreen:


I think I need a donut tonight.  Ever have times like that?

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18 comments to Banana puff and kitties

  • Kim

    I love pet nicknames. Schroedinger’s Cat is usually called Schro D – that’s his rapper name.

  • Donuts are one of those foods that sounds better than it tastes to me. Eclairs, however, are another story entirely. happy

  • Billy looks so content. Wonder how pissed he’s going to be tomorrow – a car ride and then snipsnip. You may want to lock your doors… winking

    • I am a little nervous, actually. I have no idea how he will take being in the carrier and it is a bit of a long drive to the surgery. Not to mention that I took his food and water away tonight and he was all “what????”. Should be interesting.

  • Donuts and eclairs. You guys are killing me. I have on my bday list that I want one piece of REALLY good cake. I’ve built it up so much in my mind that I’m afraid nothing will live up to my cake expectations!

    Billy is a darn handsome cat! I have so many nicknames for my pets that sometimes I forget their real name!

    • Debby, if I lived near you I’d make you that Browned Butter Pumpkin Cake. It would definitely live up to your expectations! Any chance you could get someone to do that and just give you one piece?

  • That last shot of Pixie is beautiful.

    I have never read a book written by someone who has lost a lot of weight. I wouldn’t write it myself either. Personally I think losing weight isn’t the most difficult part, maintaining is and you are one of my examples how to do that successfully.

  • deb

    Okay Jinx is Jinxy….Jinky….Jinky boo….nee nee…Mowser..
    big boy…putty tat….Boo….are you counting??….I think its just what ever strikes my fancy…..sigh…did the same thing to my kid….Amberly….Am…Ameline..Lee Lee…and the one she hated the worst…Wee Lee…yeah…i have a problem…LOL! Hugs! deb
    PS Billy looks great…hope he finds a forever home soon!

  • Ha, I’m certainly a good example of a person/blogger whose weight is going up rather than down. Or it’s trying. At least my fitness is improving slowly but steadily.

    I do doubt your readers compare your weight loss result with the goal you have for yourself. They just check the before and after pics and conclude that you’ve lost weight and maintained the weight loss.

    It’s a big day for Billy, and he really has plumped up nicely. Pixie is adorable. happy

  • That cat is so beautiful – I hope he finds a wonderful home. I’m terrible with pet names and besides, the new owner will likely change his name so you can just call him kitty-kitty! happy Just kidding.

    Have a great weekend Lori.

  • Poor Billy the Kid with the snip snipping. (That’s what I keep calling him in my mind.) You are such a good kitty mom Lori!

  • Good luck taking Billy to the vet! Hopefully he handles it like a champ!

    I don’t usually crave donuts (probably will now, thank you very much winking ) but there are certain times where I just absolutely HAVE to have something.

  • Biz

    Our dogs full name is Elmer Dorn, named after a farm by our house – but we shortened it to E.D., and just call him Ed! Or Eddie Z!

  • I need to make the coconut flour version of the banana bread again. I was wondering if I made some of them – and baked them then froze them if they would warm up well. Have you ever tried freezing them ahead? I’m trying to think of things to have ready made for easy breakfast meals.

  • I am LATE!!!!!!!!!!! Taking my break tomorrow for 7++ days so I have been busy cleaning for sis! I will miss your posts! SUCH CUTENESS in this post!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE!!!!! YUM on that recipe – bookmarked!!!!

    I will have a Gratitude Monday post though! happy Have a great week!

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