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Brand new day and Happy Mardi Gras!

It’s Mardi Gras!  Normally we do our dinner on the day, but had it on Sunday to make it easier, but with all that snow, probably tonight would have been better LOL!  I was whupped after yesterday and I slept for 8 hours.  I conked out at 10 pm last night (which is pretty early for me).

The difference a day makes.  One nice thing about big storms is that the sun always shines bright the next day.  It is very pretty and the temps are going to climb into the 30s!

Here is someone who could care less how much snow we get:


I made up a 1-minute muffin for breakfast (applesauce version), then topped the  muffin with the rest of the applesauce cup!  I also grilled this muffin, too.  Makes it taste even better.

This was good enough to get me out the door and shoveling.  We spent about another hour and 15 minutes finishing up the driveway.  Now the garage is free and we aren’t cooped up!  Not that I couldn’t have called my parents if need be, but nice to be able to get our own car out.

Our driveway is officially full for the year.  We cannot take another flake of snow as there is nowhere for it to go.  The banks are too high to throw snow on.  I was getting a great workout with having to squat and toss with the snow to get it high enough and to protect my back.  Kind of like doing a push/press, so guess I did get a strength training workout.  I burned approximately 520 calories shoveling today, which I will take, thank you.

John is leaving the house now.  See how the snow banks reach the top of the car?

Crazy stuff (and hooray for sun!).

Lunch time!  I baked up some chicken this morning and had my salad.

I put the can next to this so you could see how big my salads are.  I use half a bag of the Fresh Express salad mix for each of my salads :oops:

Work was slow today, so I did manage to get a good chunk of household chores done.  Raise your hands for being productive!  John then made lattes, which I put on the sunny table to take a picture of.

Unpictured are the peanuts I snacked on with it.

Dinner tonight was stereotypical Finding Radiance:

With some laughing cow tucked in there.  Who says real food has to taste like cardboard?  Such a simple meal and yet so delicious.

To celebrate freeing of the car from the garage, we are out at Starbucks right now.  I haven’t left the house since Sunday morning, so it feels great to get out!

Decaf coffee.  They have new mugs, too.  Must be for the 40th anniversary.  Beads were courtesy of me.  I am wearing them for Mardi Gras!

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