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What’s Blooming!

So glad it is Friday. This was a bit of a crazy busy week. It was kind of windy today and I just wasn’t feeling the bike today – I know! So, I just took a walk for exercise. Some fall scenes around the neighborhood.

People like to do up Halloween around here.



What’s Blooming!

Fall is blooming! John put up the fall flag:

It’s funny, I have 5 flags. One for each season and one Mardi Gras flag. No other holidays I love Mardi Gras!

Here are some wild asters (I think that is what they are) that popped up in the hedges:

Next to our beautiful [...]

What’s Blooming!

Man, what a week. I got in after midnight Monday night. So, I guess that was actually Tuesday morning? Anyway, jet lag kicked my ass. Not to mention that I was running John’s business *and* trying to work my job. Obviously, I had to cut my hours at my job this week to do this. [...]

What’s Blooming!

Another Friday rolls around. My life feels like work, work, work, bike, bagels, work, work, bike, cupcake, work, work. Time goes by so fast!

Actually, we did attend a free concert last night during the Lake George Music Festival.


Shostakovitch cello concerto, which was pretty amazing, and Beethoven 5. This was a great [...]

What’s Blooming!

Here is a little throwback Thursday Friday. Here is our front yard when we first moved in. The front yard was being used as a turnaround and was all sand/dirt. Plus that lame empty planter bed. The tree branch you see is no longer there. We had a huge tree in front of the house, [...]

What’s Blooming!

I still can’t believe how green the garden is. Or the lawn. Usually it looks a bit brown in August.

The lawn is about 80% crabgrass, but at least it is green.

Nothing new in the garden, but still blooms.


Midseason flush for the scentimental:

I had forgotten to put away [...]

What’s Blooming!

Yay – my favorite post of the week is here! I should just give it up and do a garden blog.

Late July and August always seem to be good times in my garden. I know a lot gardens can look a bit tired at this time of year, but I have a lot [...]

What’s Blooming!

It’s what’s blooming time! I am enjoying my garden a lot this year. It’s nice just to stand out and admire it I have to wonder what people think seeing me out there with my camera all the time. I was out the other night taking some shots and a woman stopped and told me [...]

What’s blooming!

Holy crow this was a hot week! Today was the worst, too. Heat index hit 101. Yuck. I keep biking earlier and earlier in the day and still end up really sweaty. But, at least I am getting in the exercise.

I *still* have not gotten my new computer set up with work. I emailed [...]

What’s Blooming – garden envy edition!

I thought I would show you pictures from a garden tour I took today. My garden club met for this month to view the garden of one of our members. I had serious envy of both the house and gardens!

We had our meeting on the deck:


Which overlooks this pool: