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What’s Blooming!

What’s blooming? Lots of coneflowers! :D I took time last night and got in the garden. With the craziness of work, some things slipped down the list of being able to do and getting out in the garden was one of them, unfortunately. Last night I needed a good meditational period of weeding. Join me [...]

What’s Blooming!

Glad it is Friday. It’s been a bumpy week.


My delphiniums are blooming better.


We had huge windy storms roll through the other day and this stem was broken off, so it actually is in a vase inside right now. I am definitely getting some of these for Radiance Manor.


What’s Blooming!

Happy Independence Day!


The storms yesterday hit the garden pretty hard. Lots of plants knocked over and broken. You can see the butterfly weed laying on the ground by my cone flower. This coneflower is the hot papaya and look at how small it is? The ones next to it are normal size [...]

What’s Blooming!

Here it is the last Friday of the month! One of my goals this month was to do some other gardening posts and *that* didn’t happen. Where the heck did the month go??

My tippy pot in the front along with some delphiniums that will be blooming soon. Eeeeee!


Firecracker plant. I really [...]

What’s Blooming!

It’s Astilbe time around Casa Radiance this week! The front garden is a little quiet on the big showy flowers now that the irises are done. Lots of rose blooms, though.


The scentimental:


My rose bush I planted last year. It’s filling in nicely. Note the black sprite centaurea not doing [...]

What’s Blooming!

It was a rainy last half of the week. Really, the spring has been rainy and while it doesn’t help biking, it sure makes everything green!


Lots and lots of lawn clover

My campanula are blooming. These are hugely tall this year, although you can see how knocked over they got from [...]

What’s Blooming and Birthday!

First off, thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday through various outlets! I had a great day, despite working mostly a full day. I would have liked to take the day off, but we are planning a mini trip this weekend and so I will take that instead

That also meant I couldn’t do [...]

What’s Blooming – Iris time!

Bloomity, bloomity! The garden has been a joy to go out and visit each day this week. John usually comes on a tour as well so I can point out all the new things


There is a bit of a hole in the garden right now. I mentioned that I thought my [...]

What’s Blooming!

It’s green, green, green around here! I love it!

These are the lilacs on the neighbor’s bush. The house was vacant for all of last year, so I hacked down the bush because it was so overgrown. It didn’t bloom much this year, but there were some.

One last tulip to show:


What’s Blooming!

We had a couple of really warm days this week and the garden just popped right up! Some plants I thought were lost poked out of the ground and I was thrilled to see that.

More tulips came up the week – the late ones. These are King’s Blood:

Purple passion:

Maureen [...]