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What’s Blooming!


It’s getting near the end of the what’s blooming posts. That’s a little sad. There are still some things happening, though, including the last flush of rose blooms. This is the enchanted evening:

This will be today’s pink picture as well. Please click here to support free mammograms!


I […]

What’s Blooming!

It’s time to starting turning the garden into fall. Cleaning out the tired annuals, planting bulbs and fall perennials.

The bed looks a little empty without the tall annuals:

The new drill bit works pretty well for planting. I did 30 bulbs in 30 minutes. It took me a few minutes to get […]

What’s Blooming!

I have a couple new blooms to show this week! Nothing like late bloomers (see what I did there?)

I still am stuck on close up shots of the garden. Looks like a Daddy Longlegs on the coneflower.



Did you know that DLL is not really a spider? I saw some science […]

What’s Blooming!


It’s now actually starting to seem a little more like fall and less like summer. Still plenty of bloom time left, though. Fall always seems like black-eyed Susan time to me. Maybe because they bloom for so long and are still around after other stuff starts to fade. This is […]

What’s Blooming!

I have been making progress on the shade bed. It’s actually all along the fence on one side, but I am only concentrating on this one area of it right now. I have been clearing and planting as I go. I tackled the hardest part last weekend. This area was full of ground cover when […]

What’s Blooming!

More fall plants arrived for planting now. I bought some from a wholesaler, so they are tiny baby plants. These are heuchera (and one heucherella).

That’s 4 plants in this bowl (getting a drink) I got them from Hostas Direct. The heuchera are Peppermint Spice, Plum Sugar and Spellbound. The heucherella is Sweet […]

What’s Blooming!

As I said yesterday, it’s been a little hot to work in the garden much except at the bookends of the day. I did see a sign at one of the nurseries by our house that had 50% off perennials! So, you know I had to check it out.

They had a clearance on […]

What’s Blooming!

It’s Friday! So glad. In trying to get this account caught up current, we are each assigned to one person’s dictations. I have been listening to the same woman all week. I think that is the defnition of insanity right there. Whew. At least she is now only 10 days behind instead of a month […]

What’s Blooming!

The August garden. Some flowers are sleeping, some are done and some are just coming out.

The cleome are starting to fade now. And check out that coneflower! <3

I found a suprise popup sunflower. Not sure where this came from – probably a bird dropping seed.

Now that summer flowers are […]

What’s Blooming!

What’s blooming today? Rocks!! Any of you keeping track might remember the little wall we removed from the garden bed by the house a couple weeks ago. The bed was very sloping and I was moving dirt when I unearthed a ton of rocks:

I emailed Debby with a picture of my find right […]