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What’s Blooming!

Not a ton blooming now, but that is what happens with a new garden bed. I have been buying a lot of small plants. It’s hard having the patience to wait for the small perennials to get big, but I would rather buy 10 small plants for $30 than 1 big plant for $30. It […]

What’s Blooming!

Spring is fully here now. We did have frost warnings the last couple nights, though. Temps got in the 30s, but it didn’t seem to affect anything. There are some late tulips in town. Saw these on a walk this week:




This week brought actual planting going on in the […]

What’s Blooming!

I finally have blooms for What’s Blooming, how about that? This year’s posts are going to be sparse on blooms as I am building a new garden bed. Maybe I should change the title of this post for the future.

We stopped by the old house and I took some pictures of what is […]

What’s blooming!

Thank you for all the comments on the bathroom update. We are enjoying it – and enjoying it being done!

Now for some garden news…finally…I was really pleased to see some things out in the garden this week!


Can you see those? Tulip shoots! I should have more coming up, but those […]

What’s Blooming!

It nearing the end the the garden season. Time to start planning for planting and what happens next year. I still have a lot of long bloomers going, though.

You know I had that problem with lily beetles earlier in the year? Now it is Japanese beetles and they totally decimated one of my […]

What’s Blooming!

Yay – a blooming post!! I haven’t been out in the garden as much this week with all the new house stuff. I need to do a what’s blooming post at the new place, but I have to admit that I have not really explored a whole lot in the back yard in depth. There […]

What’s Blooming!

Well, things certainly turned on a dime this week. I can’t believe how much we have to do now. The great thing is that it is on *my* schedule. No waiting for other people to move their asses.

Lots of blooms, so let’s get a little closer! The butterfly bush has lots of blooms now, […]

What’s Blooming!


It’s been good weather this summer for the garden. It’s deserved after such a horrible winter. We have had a lot of rain, but it has come in chunks and not periods of days where it rains and is gloomy. I have had to hand water the garden once or twice this whole summer, […]

What’s Blooming!

Blooms and blooms and blooms! I woke up today to a temperature in the upper 50s, can you believe that? In July! That is not so unusual for later in August, but wow. It felt so refreshing!

Let’s start with a shot of the whole shebang. The lawn is neatly mowed and edged here.


What’s Blooming!

What’s blooming? Lots of coneflowers! I took time last night and got in the garden. With the craziness of work, some things slipped down the list of being able to do and getting out in the garden was one of them, unfortunately. Last night I needed a good meditational period of weeding. Join me for […]