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What’s Blooming!

More fall plants arrived for planting now. I bought some from a wholesaler, so they are tiny baby plants. These are heuchera (and one heucherella).

That’s 4 plants in this bowl (getting a drink) I got them from Hostas Direct. The heuchera are Peppermint Spice, Plum Sugar and Spellbound. The heucherella is Sweet […]

What’s Blooming!

As I said yesterday, it’s been a little hot to work in the garden much except at the bookends of the day. I did see a sign at one of the nurseries by our house that had 50% off perennials! So, you know I had to check it out.

They had a clearance on […]

What’s Blooming!

It’s Friday! So glad. In trying to get this account caught up current, we are each assigned to one person’s dictations. I have been listening to the same woman all week. I think that is the defnition of insanity right there. Whew. At least she is now only 10 days behind instead of a month […]

What’s Blooming!

The August garden. Some flowers are sleeping, some are done and some are just coming out.

The cleome are starting to fade now. And check out that coneflower! <3

I found a suprise popup sunflower. Not sure where this came from – probably a bird dropping seed.

Now that summer flowers are […]

What’s Blooming!

What’s blooming today? Rocks!! Any of you keeping track might remember the little wall we removed from the garden bed by the house a couple weeks ago. The bed was very sloping and I was moving dirt when I unearthed a ton of rocks:

I emailed Debby with a picture of my find right […]

What’s Blooming!

This is the view from our dining room out the back:

The way the house is built, this room is actually on the ground floor from the front of the house, but it has a walkout basement, which was dug out making the back of the room look out a story up. The flower […]

What’s Blooming!

I has me some flowers! Last weekend one of the local garden centers had a tent clearance sale and I had to check it out, of course! They had some great deals on plants and boy were people just piling plants into their pile as fast as they were bringing them out. The sale was […]

What’s Blooming!

Hey – I’m back! It’s been busy around here in the evenings and I just haven’t had time to compile a post. I haven’t been in the garden as much as I would like, either.

I am making plans for these bare areas.

I tried a different sweet potato vine this year. […]

What’s Blooming!

Happy Independence Weekend! I only had to work a part day today, so that was nice. You just never know how much work will come in on a holiday.

With all that rain and now sun the last couple days and the garden explodes

I am loving this mushroom a lot. It makes me […]

What’s Blooming!

My favorite post of the week! I love to peek out in the garden every day and see what is new. That’s the great thing about gardening. There is always something new and many times something unexpected!

On the annual front, the cosmos are filling out nicely.


This week the cleome also started […]