Things I Like


Spa Day!

What a great weekend! First off, on Friday night, John and I had gone out to dinner. I had a Living Social deal for 50% off at Mouzon House, which is a farm to table restaurant in Saratoga.

My dining companion:

The menu is creole inspired for about half of it (yay!), so […]

Rainy days are good for puzzles and pizza.

Rainy and cool weekend. This is the spring that we skipped over! It was a nice weekend with a lot of little projects and a lot of relaxing.

I hope the comment feed is settling down?

I had a very good strength workout on Saturday. Increasing a couple weights and reps. Then, John and I […]

Friday fun and guest post request!

Weekend! Put your hands together everybody! I so wanted to sleep in the morning and go to the gym a little bit later, but the garbage truck woke me up and I couldn’t get back to sleep. I got up about 15 minutes later than usual. The gym was pretty quiet today, as usual on […]

The Weekend!

Saturday was a 100% on plan day. Today, a little struggle. I am only going to be at around 1500 calories for the day, but definitely was hungry. I really wanted a Dunkin Donuts gingerbread donut, but instead opted for an eggnog latte made at home. Using light eggnog mixed with 1% milk. So – […]