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Scenes from the weekend

We have been taking John’s parents around all over the place during their visit. We stopped at Hick’s orchard to pick some apples and have a cider donut.

We went out into the orchard and picked a huge bag of apples. The trees are full of apples. Our area has a bumper crop of […]

Tuesday Things

It’s planting time! I just got the first shipment of bulbs that I ordered back in the spring. 100 bulbs here! I was jumping around when these arrived.

Since I know I would be planting a ton of bulbs, I ordered this:


It fits in to a drill like a normal drill […]


Getting close to my 2000 mile goal! Only 60 something to go. Think I need some new gloves?

They are disintegrating a little more each time I put them on!

I was hoping to get through the season with this pair, but I broke down an ordered a new pair. I couldn’t […]

Our town

Is it Wednesday already? My schedule is all kinds of messed up now. I worked all day on Monday since it was really busy. I do work on a 24-hour urgent care now and so the work is crazy all over the place. It is busy in the morning, then slows down in the afternoon, […]

Welcome September!

Last quarter of the year. It’s starting out *hot*, too! Phew. Because of where we live, it actually gets cooler overnight, but heats up a lot during the day this time of year. With the humidity, it gets foggy. Here was a shot from my ride after breakfast yesterday. This was probably around 9 am […]

Catching up!

It’s been a little busy around here and rather than just a ride post, I would talk about other stuff going on as well.

I finally finished my 2nd upholstered chair. This one has been in my basement work room for months now and I missed it.

The white is more of a creamy […]

Tuesday Things

Just some random thoughts for a Tuesday.

1. We were thinking about it being a little over a year since we closed on Radiance Manor. I looked back and saw our kitchen pics from 1 year ago:

That period of time is such a blur now. It kind of amazes me how much work […]

Beating the heat

I think today is the last day of the heat and humidity. Thank goodness. I pushed my ride to before breakfast the last 3 days. That’s always the case for Wednesday bagels, but on Tuesday and today I was up with the sun riding. That’s early enough since I don’t ride in the dark. John […]

Finished trunk!

Wednesday – guess what day it is?? That’s right, Bagel Day! It was actually cool this morning in the 60s, so we wore long pants for riding to breakfast. The deliciousness:


That coffee is a 20 oz coffee, too. The only way to start the day!

That new account for work has […]

Insomnia and cake!

Today was one of those really long days. I had to actually go into my work’s office today to get trained on some software for our new account. We were supposed to be there at 8 am. Of course, that meant I slept terribly last night, waking up every half hour and then laying there […]