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Saratoga Ride!

Another great Saturday for riding! We are joking that we aren’t getting anything done around the house or doing errands because we have been saving them for a rainy weekend and there haven’t been any for a while! We headed down to Saratoga. It was all road riding down and we took a more straight [...]


We had rain come through last night and today was glorious in the 70s. It was so hot and humid earlier in the week. I know you southern peeps are used to that stuff, but I cannot hack it. It makes me cranky and I don’t need any help with that LOL!

Work has gotten [...]

My life in GIFs

Zooming by for a quick post. These kind of sum up how my life has been lately:

Then this makes it better:

Just the way it is going to be for a bit.

I do have a new flower to show. Not waiting for blooming Friday for this so you all don’t miss [...]

Take a bite

It’s that time of year again! Downtown Glens Falls does 4 Wednesdays of an outdoor event called Take A Bite.

Downtown restaurants offer small portions of menu items for $5 or less so you can sample what is available. We missed last week, but I wanted to get out and have some fun, [...]

The eats today.

What a day, again. Is it only Tuesday? LOL! I was up early this morning and wanted to get a bike ride in since rain was supposed to be coming. It was pretty cloudy and oh so humid out. Here is my 6:30 a.m. face:

Kinda tired LOL. I did a quick 6.5 miles [...]

Scenes from a weekend

Was that a weekend that just blew by? I think I missed it! It was a lot of little things all mooshed in there. We had a party to go to, so after I did some work Saturday morning, we headed out for a ride. Just loops around to get in a quick 24 miles [...]

The finished settee!

Those of you on FB saw my finished settee, but thought I would share the details of the project.

Just a refresher, here was the piece when I bought it for $18.


After I stripped off the 3 layers of upholstery, I had the original piece.


Then I spent a good [...]

Topsy Turvy

Today was just one of those days, you know? We had some serious storms blow through last night and there was debris everywhere on our ride to breakfast.

Here was one large branch on the path that we moved out of the way.

Nothing will stop us from bagels!


It was [...]

My new hat

John is back home again and all is back to what is normal for us at any rate. Here is Pixie all kinds of happy to be sitting with both of us this evening.

You can’t hear through a picture, but she was purring like a machine!

Day of food accountability today! Haven’t [...]

Solo riding!

John was boiling away in Vegas with temps in the 90s and higher (eek!) and we had upper 60s and low 70s. Perfect temps for biking, although it was a bit breezy. I was so glad the rain finally passed through so I could get on the bike!


Ready to roll!

The paths [...]