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Chair progress

It is March, isn’t it? You think that and now it is snow again today. Yippee!!

Anyway, in honor of Dr. Seuss’ recent birthday, I found this to be quite amusing.

Progress is being made on the chair. I love working on my projects, but I wish that I could do it all the […]

Some eats

So, after my kick to my own pants, I have curbed the excess snacking. It’s not so bad, really. I just needed to adjust my attitude about it all. Not always easy, but manageable I said other than the oversnacking, my meals are pretty good. I haven’t posted a lot of food stuff since we […]

Getting my act together

Okay, it’s time to get real and get cracking. I want to get off that weight I gained during the house closing stress of last year. I have been sort of muddling around with a few days being really focused on track with my eating, then eating too much chocolate or cereal in the evening. […]

Salvage shopping



John was going to go out of town Saturday, but I talked him out of it because of the coming weather, so we spent the day shopping instead LOL! It was where I was planning on going anyway if he was gone, but it was nice having him tag along. Usually I can […]

Thinking spring

Let’s celebrate spring a little early shall we? Especially as we are supposed to get more snow this weekend and early next week. Let’s celebrate with a What’s Blooming type of post! Or I guess it should be What Will Be Blooming

When I buy plants online, I usually use Bluestone Perennials. I have […]

Mardi Gras party!

Don’t forget to send me your Healthy Heart Weekend pictures to by Monday night so I can compile them and pick winners!!

What is a great way to beat the winter blahs? With our annual Mardi Gras party, of course! We didn’t host one last year because we had just gotten back from vacation […]

Healthy Heart weekend begins this weekend!

Okay – all participants who want to join in the Healthy Heart Weekend – it starts on Friday and it is never too late to join! For those that missed the post, here is the link to how it works. Tell all your friends

Please email me your picture by Monday so I can […]

Buried and trunk lining

I don’t really hate winter. I actually don’t mind winter so much because of how great our spring, summer and fall are around here. What I don’t like, however, is when the snow doesn’t melt in between storms and it just piles up and piles up. There is nowhere for it to go! We […]


Hello from winter wonderland!

I took this picture a couple weeks ago before the latest batch of storms came through:


General winter snow cover and pretty normal. Then there is today:


We got 12.8 inches of snow yesterday. It is sunny and pretty, but bitter, bitter cold.


We had […]

Snacking and projects

Trucking along here. We didn’t get as much snow as predicted from the last storm since it moved farther east, thank goodness. However, we are supposed to get another 3-6 inches tonight. Yippee….not.

This mornings breakfast:


Halfway through breakfast and Pixie was very insistent for a lap. She has been the radiator queen […]