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The garden is waking up!

The end of the week. What a relief! We went from Carazzzyyy busy earlier in the week to very slow as a lot of doctors left for vacation. Feast or famine, right? That meant we could get in a nice ride this afternoon, although it was a bit chilly.

My garden is cleaned up [...]


Woke up this morning and it was not even 30 degrees! Brrr…. It started snowing last night around 9 or so and I was sure we were going to have a bunch of snow on the ground, but it was only in the grassy areas.

That meant no shoveling before Bagel Wednesday!

I [...]


From spring back to winter, it seems like! We were almost 80 degrees yesterday with some pretty fierce winds. Today is rainy and colder with 1 to 2 inches of snow expected tonight. Really Mother Nature?

I had a warmer breakfast today. The banana bread pudding with chocolate PB2 on top. First time trying that [...]

Paint colors and carbs

A couple of deeper posts this week, so now time for something a little more fun. Like my new clock!! Yesterday John said “So do you want to go to the mall tonight?” You had better believe my fingers flew on the keyboard to get my work done in a timely manner I was looking [...]

Circus fat?

You know how you think if you had enough money to hire a personal trainer and all that and had someone cook for you that weight wouldn’t be an issue? Of course, celebrities prove this wrong all the time. The latest? Kirstie is back at Jenny Craig.

So many things wrong in just 30 [...]

What’s blooming!

Okay, I am waaaay jumping the gun here, but finally seeing something poke out of the ground other than an icicle!

Of course, some of the garden is still buried, but I will take whatever right now. There is some foliage that was frozen green from last fall, which is cool. That will die [...]

Hooray Weekend!

Man am I ever glad for the weekend to arrive. I need a break. It’s been a while since I have had ‘me’ time and down time. I am ready for some pampering! We have a spa day planned for Saturday with my sister and mom. I can’t wait. With all the home improvement stuff [...]

FBB “Define Yourself” A workout

This week begins Stage 2 of Female Body Breakthrough! I hope you enjoy seeing the workouts. I also decided to start tracking my food again. I was just eating portions and following the 90/10 eating style and doing really well. However, last week PMS hit really hard. I was a real crabapple and my cravings [...]

Side flooring project

Something that we were able to do since our house closing is delayed is helping my parents install a new Pergo floor in their house. My parents moved into this house a little over 5 years ago. The original carpet was a dark green color and had seen better days, so it was time to [...]

Weekend Mash Up

Without any big projects on tap right now, it was a weekend to do whatever we felt like whenever we felt like it!

I started off with a good workout at the gym:


Exercise Set/rep/weight Plank 3 sets of holds for 60 seconds each

  Prone Cobra 3 sets of holds for 60 seconds [...]