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Lifting and a tiny parade

I am going to be glad when the days start getting longer again. Darker and darker in the a.m. for going to the gym. Even Pixie wasn’t up yet when I got up!

I started off with jogging/walking for 2.5 miles and then hit the weights.

Exercise Set/rep Seated leg extension 3 sets of […]

Gingerbread houses

I can’t believe the weekend is gone again already. Nothing very exciting going on here. I did get myself out for some consignment shopping and found 3 pairs of pants that fit! I can’t even find 3 pairs that fit in a regular store. Bonus is that all 3 pairs only cost me $25! Woo […]

Shoveling, shoveling

We thought we were going to escape the snow from the Nor’easter as there had just been rain, rain and more rain. Then yesterday afternoon it turned to heavy wet snow.

Normally I go to the gym early Thursday morning, but I figured because of the weather that exercise would consist of shoveling and […]

Upper body and mantle decorations

Its that time of year where it is hard to get out of a snuggly warm bed to go to the gym. If I didn’t actually like going, it probably wouldn’t happen as often I guess other people feel that way because it was really empty in the gym this morning. I was chatting with […]

Shopping Local

We had a nice time at the Shirt Factory. I love to go to their open house every year. The Shirt Factory is an old factory that has been converted to art galleries and studios and retail shops. They hold their holiday open house Black Friday weekend. Enjoy some of our local artists:


Turkey Day feast!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving – or regular Thursday

We had all that snow on Wednesday night and it sure was pretty in the morning. We had to shovel 2 driveways, though. We haven’t hired a service to do the old house yet.

I did my Turkey Trot at the gym.


Let it snow!

Our first big snow of the year. We had a dusting a couple weeks ago, but this was the real deal.

By early afternoon, it looked like this:


Fluffy wet snow. I don’t mind the snow so much right now because it is early in the season LOL! In fact, it is quite […]

Old timey lifting

It’s lifting day! I don’t understand why my gym doesn’t have some of this equipment:

And if only rolling over my hips and thighs on a machine would shape them. I would be all over that. Heck – I would sleep on it! Or maybe I should try working out in heels…

Oh […]

Holiday season begins

I was in the mood to shop this weekend. Not that I bought much, but window shopping was fun. I did some work in the morning and then we headed down to Saratoga for lunch and shopping! The city is getting decked out for Christmas now.

We went to lunch at Comfort Kitchen. We […]

Leg day and surprise visitor

We have such cold and blustery weather now, but I am not complaining after seeing what poor Western NY is going through. It’s sad to hear about people having heart attacks shoveling snow, but why are people trying so hard to shovel 7 feet of snow out of the driveway when the roads are impassable […]