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House under contract!

Well, I think we are safe to share our good news! The old Casa Radiance is now under contract! All of it started to go down while John was out of town. Of course, right? Because it isn’t enough of a pain doing the initial negotiations and then having one of the parties out of […]

Trunks and dinners

Hope everyone had a great weekend! We did a good amount of family time. Friday night was my sister’s birthday and we were out to dinner.

Good news on the trunk front – The Lady went to her new home today.

I sold her to someone in one of my vintage groups. The woman […]

Bring on April!

A new month begins. I was wearing serious cranky pants the last couple of days, but now we have a fresh start. Let’s hope that spring actually decides to show up this month. Glens Falls had a March that was in the top 10 of cold Marches on record. I think it came in 6th, […]

What’s Blooming – sort of

It still feels like we are in the grip of late winter. Well, I guess we are, but who’s counting anymore. I am taking gardening into my own hands if Mother nature isn’t cooperating! This weekend we are going down to the Capital District Flower Show outside of Albany. YAY!!!! I can’t believe how excited […]

The effects of winter

One more sleep until John comes home!! Interestingly enough, last night was the first night that I slept well since he has been gone. Normally on his weekend trips I sleep okay, but this longer one I haven’t been.

I did Bagel Wednesday anyway. Nothing stops that No company this time, though.

That frozen […]

Is it spring?

Seems like I am seeing spring flower posts everywhere but around here! It’s been colder than usual, and it is supposed to be that way through April according to the weather channel. It will be a while before I am working the garden bed, but I do see stuff starting to appear!

I realized […]

Bachelorette time

Today I took John to the airport. He will be gone for a week. He is spending part of the time with his family and part with a friend of his who lives in Vegas. With owning 2 houses right now, vacation for both of us together is off the table, but John hasn’t seen […]

Home gym

It’s almost time to get the bikes outside, but not quite yet. John has been wanting a recumbent bike because they are more comfortable for him than the trainer and then we can have it inside for rainy days when the bikes are officially off the trainers. Yesterday, he picked one up which was barely […]

Sliding snow

Temps are starting to warm up a smidge! The overnights have been below freezing still, but it has warmed up into the low 40s during the day so we have been getting some snow melt. We have been taking walks outside the last couple of days because the temps were nice enough to. The walk […]

Ready for hiking!

Now that weather is getting relatively warmer…and by warmer I mean getting above freezing… it’s making me think about being outdoors and doing that stuff I love to do!

Okay, we have a ways to go. The snow is getting that yucky dirty look now.

One of my goals for 2015 is to […]