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Neighbors and movies.

Ever have those weekends where you do so much stuff and all of the sudden it’s Sunday night? That was my weekend. I put a lot of miles on the car, too.

Funny story. Way back when I first saw our house, it was because I was driving to a store and missed the […]

Ye Olde Trunk

How did it get to be Wednesday already? We headed out for our usual Wednesday breakfast. We went to Spot. Our very favorite breakfast place, Coffee Planet, closed a couple weeks ago. They have another location, but it seems there just are too many coffee places to make it in this town. Or there could […]

Friday Randomness

End to another work week! I won’t have a 3-day weekend like a lot of people, but I may actually get 2 days off A lot of time I pick up extra work on the weekends for extra $$, but I was productive enough today to make extra lines. Yay!

I certainly have enough projects […]


It was so nice to see the sun today.

After the last episode of Downton Abbey, there was a show about the Queen’s garden. It got me really hankering for spring! It will be a long time before I can get working out here:

It has been a gray winter thus far, but […]

Trying to stay warm!

Holy Freeze, Batman! It has been sooo cold here. Woke up this morning and it was -10 degrees (-23 celcius). That is before any wind chill and that certainly doesn’t make me want to go to the gym. No way. Good thing we have the bike trainers at home.

Good morning to stay in with […]

Merry Christmas!

Have a wonderful holiday everyone!


We our ready for our dinner and lots of family time!

Holiday prep!

Crunch time for the holidays! Work has been surprisingly busy this week, so I haven’t had a ton of extra time to get stuff done. We just tick one thing off at a time.

Interesting story. We needed to get the yearly inspection done on the Saturn, which is 14 years old. John took the […]

Lake viewing and silver find

I got presents wrapped (or gift bagged) this weekend, which is earlier than usual for me – so yay! Pixie now stays under the tree since I put my little village on her radiator board:


She is totally eyeing John”s present from his folks

The bathroom is just about done. I had […]

Lifting and a tiny parade

I am going to be glad when the days start getting longer again. Darker and darker in the a.m. for going to the gym. Even Pixie wasn’t up yet when I got up!

I started off with jogging/walking for 2.5 miles and then hit the weights.

Exercise Set/rep Seated leg extension 3 sets of […]

Gingerbread houses

I can’t believe the weekend is gone again already. Nothing very exciting going on here. I did get myself out for some consignment shopping and found 3 pairs of pants that fit! I can’t even find 3 pairs that fit in a regular store. Bonus is that all 3 pairs only cost me $25! Woo […]