Things I Like


New kicks and the superbowl!

We got some long overdue shopping done this weekend. We stopped for lunch on Saturday at Iron Roost. This place is all about the waffle. They use waffles as bread for sweet and savory. I was in the mood for something kind of Mardi Gras and when I saw the bananas foster waffles on the […]

Root canal and dutch treats!

Monday was D-day on the root canal. Having had 2 crowns and a painful experience with one of them, I guess it was understandable that I had anxiety about a full-blown root canal.

I double checked with the dentist to make sure I needed one because after my tooth broke, it felt a lot […]

Finished Jenny Lind Trunk!

I finally got the Jenny Lind trunk done! I got this trunk last April and had done another one to sell and then just set it aside for a while because there was just so much stuff going on. Since I have no plans to sell this one, I took my time

I am […]

Hello Friday!

I am so glad to have reached Friday! It’s been a brain tiring week. New accounts are hard to learn and work wipes out my thinking capacity by the end of the day as it is LOL. This week was looooong.

I thought I would share a couple of bird photos just to get […]

Work and more squirrels.

It’s been busy around here this week. I got trained on a new account yesterday. The nice thing was, we actually went on site for the training down to Saratoga. I so rarely leave the house for my job. Like once a year tops. There are just 2 of us on the new account. It’s […]

Broccoli cheddar soup and bring on the Superbowl!!!

Cold weather calls for some warm and creamy soup! I have been wanting to try a broccoli soup for a while. John doesn’t like broccoli, so I knew I would be eating this all by myself, but that’s okay!

Panera style Broccoli Cheddar soup

Based on the recipe from The Girl […]

Go Broncos!

That weekend went by so fast! We did a lot of homebody stuff and stayed home this weekend other than a cafe outing and picking up stuff at the home improvement store

The wallpaper is all down from the hallway and stairwell. We can almost taste the end of wallpaper in this house! The […]

Friday sundries

Not a lot going on to blog about really. Same old, same old. Same routines, mostly the same food. Lots of either oat bran or blintzes for breakfast:

Same old exercise of most walking on the treadmill, some biking on the trainer and actually some outside when it feels warm enough.

We have had […]

Snow, dentist and cleaning!

(FYI, I know my blog layout is all weird. Not sure what is going on with it)

It’s definitely wintery around here now. This is definitely not biking weather anymore.


It makes me feel a little blah, though. The last couple of days I have felt like doing nothing at night other than […]

Powerball and Vintage hunt

Can you believe no one has won Powerball with all those millions of tickets sold? It’s crazy. Just shows how infinitesimal your odds are for winning. I did buy a ticket though. It’s fun to imagine what you would do with all the money and think about how it would change or what you wouldn’t […]