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Let it snow!

Our first big snow of the year. We had a dusting a couple weeks ago, but this was the real deal.

By early afternoon, it looked like this:


Fluffy wet snow. I don’t mind the snow so much right now because it is early in the season LOL! In fact, it is quite […]

Old timey lifting

It’s lifting day! I don’t understand why my gym doesn’t have some of this equipment:

And if only rolling over my hips and thighs on a machine would shape them. I would be all over that. Heck – I would sleep on it! Or maybe I should try working out in heels…

Oh […]

Holiday season begins

I was in the mood to shop this weekend. Not that I bought much, but window shopping was fun. I did some work in the morning and then we headed down to Saratoga for lunch and shopping! The city is getting decked out for Christmas now.

We went to lunch at Comfort Kitchen. We […]

Leg day and surprise visitor

We have such cold and blustery weather now, but I am not complaining after seeing what poor Western NY is going through. It’s sad to hear about people having heart attacks shoveling snow, but why are people trying so hard to shovel 7 feet of snow out of the driveway when the roads are impassable […]

Drop sets and virtual Turkey Trot

Yesterday was the first snow of the season. It wasn’t too bad, actually. At least we didn’t have to commute in it. Again, thankful for my job.

It turned to rain later on and most of it was melted, although I had to really scrape off the car this morning to get to the […]

Living room update and lifting

It was one of those mish mash weekends. Those always go by fast, don’t they? John had his football meal. He has won several weeks in a row because my picks stink this year. I lost my mojo. Broncos!!! What is wrong with youuuuuu??

He chose the Silo. This is an old place made out […]

Leg day

Ever have those times when you wake up really early and go “Oh crap! Garbage day!!”. Yea, that was me really early this morning. Sometimes they come super early and sometimes later, so we are supposed to put the garbage out the night before. Oopsie! Well, at least I got a nice early start at […]

Biking and tightening up

It was an active day today. First off was an early morning workout. I had to scrap frost off the car window since it was 28 degrees! Back to arms again.

Exercise Set/rep Arnold Press 3 sets of 10 Dumbbell Upright Row 3 sets of 10 Lateral Raise 3 sets of 10 Super set:

Dumbell […]

Lifting and paint colors

Another fall weekend in the books. It turned out to be really good weather, although a little brisk and windy for riding… boo. I will not admit the season is over until December gets here, though, so the bikes are not brought in onto the trainers yet.

There was just a lot of things […]

It’s all about the arms

I am trying to get myself into a gym routine still. I think I will do lifting T/Th and either Sat or Sun. I was up early and out the door this morning. The gym is only a couple miles from our new house, so it cuts down a lot of the time it took […]