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Obesity Study

Yet another study on the futility of losing weight has been making the media rounds. These things piss me off. Not so much the study, but how the abstract gets passed around and highlights taken out to make it seem like anyone trying to lose weight is doomed. Just doomed.



Here is […]

Hot, muggy and antiques!

Man was it hot and humid this weekend. So, no really long ride, which also meant no cupcake this weekend. Oh well. We did ride early on Saturday since it was supposed to be rainy later (which never happened), but it was really hot and muggy. We decided to tackle that little wall in the […]

Riding update.

Still progressing pretty well on my 2000 mile goal for the year. Here was this morning’s ride:

I couldn’t have planned that circuit more perfectly to end up at exactly 10 miles It was also chilly in the low 60s. It was in the 50s when we woke up this morning. Can you believe […]

Flat tires and lasagna roll ups!

Well, I had the first flat tire of the year. For both of us, actually. Over 1000 miles on the season before that happened, so not bad.

I was riding yesterday morning and turned a corner and did a fishtail skid, which is pretty unusual – and alarming. I luckily didn’t fall, but then I […]

Holiday weekend!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I actually got almost a 3 day weekend, which was nice. Just some morning work on Friday and that was it. We were able to get in some riding, which was good because Saturday during the day was rainy.

We had 2 4th parties to go to. The […]

Food Round Up

Continuing to make slow progress on the weight loss front, which is good. Here is the latest round of eats:

I made the ricotta pancakes again since I quite enjoyed them and that has been many breakfasts.

I think I got those out of my system for a while now.

I was also […]

Tuesday things.

I finished a little project. I bought those 2 chairs when we had that get away in Vermont – one I had designs on for the garden.


I had no interest in recaning the seat, so I had no problem paying $2 for this chair I picked up some paint for the outdoors:


Thursday random thoughts.

– The weather has been great the last couple of days. We got much needed rain and everything is really green. Time for a ride!

I love riding in the mornings before it gets hot and the traffic builds up later in the day. For those counting, I am over 650 miles on the […]

Trudging along

When I posted my goals for June, I didn’t put a weight related goal in there because I have been working on that for a few months now and it hasn’t changed. It’s slow going, but I am actually seeing some progress. I am down 7 pounds since the beginning of March. A rate of […]

Feeling good

You know, there really is something to be said about removing major stressors from your life.

Today I felt really content. It’s like a big huge exhale happened that we have been holding for a long time. Sometimes you don’t really understand how much stress you have until it is gone. You know it’s there, […]