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Cycling and slate

Halfway through the week! Our temps have gone back to more seasonal, although even a little cooler than that. We biked to breakfast today and it was 50 degrees! Brrrr.

Doing pretty good on my goal of 2000 miles for the season. I am at 430 odd miles so far. Not bad considering the late […]

Birdies in the yard

One thing I love about our new house is the back yard. We didn’t have one at our old house, so this is a real treat.


(Making good progress on taming the wild jungle, too.) The nice thing is that it brings all kinds of birds. You all know I love nature. […]

What I ate Wednesday

We finally broke that heat yesterday. There was a copious amount of rain, which we sorely needed, and that ushered in a cold front. It was in the 50s and breezy for our ride to breakfast this morning!

I was pretty hangry for this bagel!

That’s a 20 oz coffee, too.

Then it […]

Eating Exercise Calories

So, before I got sidelined with my opinion on real estate, I was getting ready to talk about exercise calories and eating them. In particular, how I treat them and eat them.

I see many people posting calorie burns for exercise – or points – or however you count them. Sometimes, to me, these […]

No house closing for now.

I was all set to talk about exercise calories and all that jazz today and then things got all muddled up.

You know, things just are never easy, are they? We were remarking at how smoothly this house closing has been going and as of last week, everything was on track to close by this […]

New hat!

Almost done with April. It’s finally starting to feel more like spring. Finally. We had temps in the upper 60s today and it was quite nice out for biking.

Check out my new hat!

It’s one of those cool mesh hats and can actually be worn under a helmet if so desired. Not sure […]

Nepal Earthquake relief


The news coming out of Nepal is just terrible. Terrible. The death toll is over 4000 now. That is just a staggering number of people and their medical and rescue system is just completely overwhelmed. You just feel helpless to do anything. This is a time when a lot of people will […]

Back garden update

Some work has begun on the back garden. There is a lot of shade garden and really only one full sun area, which is the back right section. I am pretty much getting rid of everything there so I can have my full sun plants, like roses and irises and the specialty cone flowers. Here […]

Slow progress

Moderate progress: The house closing is moving along pretty well. Or ‘swimmingly’ according to our lawyer. We should be ready to close in about 2.5 weeks. Yay! I need to clean up the old garden bed to get it ready for the new owners (and probably cry a little bit), and possibly nab some chunks […]

House under contract!

Well, I think we are safe to share our good news! The old Casa Radiance is now under contract! All of it started to go down while John was out of town. Of course, right? Because it isn’t enough of a pain doing the initial negotiations and then having one of the parties out of […]