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Fall foliage

Fall is in the air! Other than being warm, of course. The leaves have hit their peak now.


So love the colors of fall.

Here are some photos on our walk today:


Not exactly sure what is up with this squirrel. It’s not really a fall decoration and he is [...]

As if I weren’t busy enough!

This has been some weather this week! We hit 78 yesterday and the overnight low was around 60, so that meant biking for breakfast!

Happy bike face!! We haven’t been on the bikes in 2 weeks and it felt good. Of course, we now live 1 mile from the coffee shop instead of [...]

Cleaning out the old

This moving thing is getting old already. We have been going to the old house and finishing up clearing out old stuff. You know, you just don’t realize how much stuff you have until you have to move it. Not to mention that I was feeling good that we had pared down – and we [...]

Settling in

We made it to the other side of the weekend’s move! We did have some help packing and unpacking, but the moving part was by ourselves. Thank goodness for being more fit than the last time we moved 8 years ago! John also made a point that he is never moving again and I am [...]

Friday and moving weekend!

It’s Friday! Not too much is blooming in my garden right now and I didn’t have time for pictures, but I did get a couple downtown of the mums:



Now that we don’t have a leaky porch roof anymore, I put out my little scarecrow:

Saturday is supposed to be [...]

Random thoughts.


You all know how I love the NFL. When the Ray Rice thing came out originally months ago – I gave it the serious side eye because while we didn’t see what went on in the elevator at that time, it was obvious this woman was hit hard enough [...]

No more second job

I had accepted that second job a few weeks ago. When I first interviewed with the company, I watched an introductory video and I was a little uncomfortable with the owner, but I figured it was just some nervousness about working for a new place and all that and figured I would give it a [...]

Working from the new house

Scheduling has been pretty whackadoodle around here. I have been working both jobs, one of which is pretty slow now (which isn’t a bad thing with learning new stuff). The work has been sporadic with both jobs, so I decided to work from the new house so that when it was slow I could do [...]

Labor Day riding

Labor Day was filled with some riding, some working and some birthay party! The day went really fast. I did work in the morning. There wasn’t much, so it was easy to clean out. Then we decided to go riding. We had plans to go to the lake.

Things were going well, but then I [...]

Bagel Day!

It’s Bagel Wednesday! I was up too early and did some work before we biked to breakfast. It was 57 degrees out, too! Eeeek! That feels like fall biking weather.

It was a beautiful morning, even if it was cold. The sun was breaking through the clouds when we got to Coffee Planet.