Things I Like


After the snow

One nice thing about big storms, whether they be snow or rain, is how clear and clean the sky is the next day.

Perfect morning for banana breakfast bread pudding, too, don’t you think?

Today felt like a relaxing day. Normally I really struggle to work on Fridays for whatever reason. Maybe because […]

Being productive

Saturday John and I brought Billy to the mall for an adoption event. It was very crowded. It felt really weird seeing business as usual and how life continues to go on knowing how the people in CT had their lives turned upside down.

There were 5 kitties at the adoption event sponsored by the […]

Lori to the rescue and FoodBuzz noms!

Dinner out tonight, so I wanted to do a longer run to assist with that LOL. Fueled up with some POM coffee. This is good for fuel. Goes down easy and has 7 grams of protein!

Wish I could report on how well it lasted because my run got waylaid by this after 2 […]

Nice weekend

Had a nice day on Saturday. Managed to not go crazy with the eating, and stayed within a reasonable calorie range. Surprised about that, that’s for sure!

Today, had breakfast out. Going well with subbing my own meals for NS meals. I try to do about 1 meal on my own per day. It hasn’t […]