Things I Like


Slow Cooker Pumpkin Steel Cut Oats (Water Bath version)

You all know I loves me some pumpkin oats. I especially love steel cut oats, but remembering to soak them the night before is kind of a pain. I have been obsessed with the slow cooker lately, but have not been as happy with how overnight oats come out. They can get burned on the […]

Operation Endurance begins

Take advantage of every day. You never know when things can change overnight. My heart goes out to all those in Japan right now. Please remember if you donate to any relief effort, check it out first at Charity Watch to make sure it is on the up and up.

Rainy night all night and […]

Bikes and classic cars

It’s long ride day! I was up early and came down to make brekkie. It was 47 degrees out when I got up. Can you believe that? That’s what mountain area does. It did warm up to 80 degrees, though.

I put on a big pot of coffee and made some banana custard steel cut […]

What’s blooming and no sugar day.

Free as a bird for the weekend as of now since I finished up work! The work week went by so fast. I woke up waaaay to early today. I told myself I was going to sleep in, so that meant my eyes popped open at 6:00 am. What is up with that? My normal […]

Salad daze

Boy – everyone sure made all those favorite cookies sound so good! I’ve got a hankerin’ for some bakerin’!

Last day of the work week for me today! WooHoo! The weather was forecast to be quite warm, so I actually slept in until 7 am today knowing I would run later outside.

Had forthought last […]

Quick cook method for steel cut oats.

I love steel cut oats, but I don’t want to wait the 30 minutes it takes to cook them. I also don’t like cooking up a big batch and then reheating later, because they are too gummy to me that way.

So, I was looking at the McCann’s site and used one of their tips. […]