Things I Like


Let it snow!

The first major snowfall of the season. I hate to say first, because I know it won’t be the last. It’s not even winter yet, but it sure looks like it! The snow started later yesterday and continued overnight. I took a peek outside in the morning and saw this:

Yes, we do have […]

Yet more snow.

I woke up this morning to extreme quiet. You know that quiet when snow has blanketed outside and it muffles all the sound? Yep – more snow. That meant shoveling.

But first, breakfast! I made up some pumpkin oat bran to get started with the day. Doesn’t this look like a winter scene?

Shoveling […]

After the snow

One nice thing about big storms, whether they be snow or rain, is how clear and clean the sky is the next day.

Perfect morning for banana breakfast bread pudding, too, don’t you think?

Today felt like a relaxing day. Normally I really struggle to work on Fridays for whatever reason. Maybe because […]

Hello Euclid!

How did they come up with these storm names, anyway? I am not sure the winter storm naming is really going to catch on, though, as only the Weather Channel seems to be calling it by name.

We woke up to snow, but not as much as we thought we might, although it was still […]

A real use for Pinterest!

Are you glad it is Friday? I am glad it is Friday! We had snow last night, but the sun came out. As it peeked over the horizon this morning, it caught the tops of the trees in a beautiful way.

I wish I could edit out those wires. This lasted about 10 or […]

May I rant for a minute?

I woke up today convinced it was Friday. Don’t you hate that? It was sprinkling a bit this morning and I was going to go to the gym and walk, but then I figured I wouldn’t melt and decided to walk around town. It was 35 degrees out, so I dressed for 55 and headed […]

Brand new day and Happy Mardi Gras!

It’s Mardi Gras! Normally we do our dinner on the day, but had it on Sunday to make it easier, but with all that snow, probably tonight would have been better LOL! I was whupped after yesterday and I slept for 8 hours. I conked out at 10 pm last night (which is pretty early […]

Going snowblind

It was snowing last night when the Mardi Gras party ended and it kept up with blowing wind all night. We couldn’t get out of our back door this morning because the wind had blown the snow up against the door. No gym today as I couldn’t get the car out.

Glad we work […]

All buttoned up with Chicken Corn Chili

This is one of those days when I am so, so glad to work from home. We are lucky to be above the sleet line and have all snow up here. Of course it is a lot of snow!

John went out twice with the snow blower to keep it under control while I worked. […]

Lifting and more snow fun

It was all the way up to 0 degrees when I got up. It’s a heat wave! Funny how much warmer that felt than -27. It’s all relative. I headed out to the gym for some walking and full body lifting.

Exercise Set/rep/weight Muscle worked Cable Squat-to-Row 3 set of 10 at 60# Full Body […]