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NROLW and video

Monday morning! This was the last workout A for NROWL for stage 5. One more lifting workout this week.

1 arm dumbbell snatch: 4 x 4 at 25 pounds 1 legged dumbbell deadlift: 4 x 4 at 30 pounds Bent over barbell row: 4 x 4 at 75 pounds 1 arm overhead dumbbell squat: 4 […]

NROLW and balloon festival bust.

Thank you for all of your opinions on my 2 dresses. I should also note that those are the only 2 dresses I own! As I lost weight, I have always worked without needed them, so I just got these recently. I have John’s opinion on the 2 dresses, now I just need to make […]

NROLW, drive by post

Sounds like most of you love cheese like I do! Yay!

Going to a Tupperware party later, so thought I would squeeze in a partial post in case I don’t get by later.

Preworkout snack today:

My chewy granola bar. This was good for over an hour, so I am happy with that! Biked […]

NROLW and chewy oatmeal bar recipe

Preworkout snack was 1/2 a homemade chewy oat bar. Recipe at the bottom of the page:

Another chilly morning! I biked to the gym today, and I think it felt colder today than yesterday, although that might be because I was wearing less layers since the gym is only a couple miles away.

New […]

NROLW and funny search terms

Short post today. It’s the start of my weekend. Need to keep up the good work. Challengers – stay strong, halfway through the month now!

Little kitten made it through the night. He is getting bottle fed now:

Good news, though – I was able to find someone who fosters kittens to take him! […]

NROLW and losapalooza.

Hello everyone! Back to lifting!

Started with a preworkout snack:

No more of these for preworkout fuel. They are just too weeny.

Today started stage 5 of New Rules of Lifting:

1-arm dumbbell snatch: 4 x 4 at 25 pounds Single leg dumbbell dead lift: 4 x 4 at 30 pounds Bent over barbell […]

NROLW and beverages

Happy Monday! Nice to see all the personal challengers for this month. Let’s do this and reach our goals! I might see if I can scrounge up something and pick a random participant at the end of the month I’ll do a check-in post once or twice a week so we can root each other […]

NROLW, Chocolate Mill and vacation dreaming

Rainy, icky day here. I actually slept until a little after 7am! Yay! My gym opens at 8 on Saturday, so I went there this morning to do a little lifting. I was just doing that, so I didn’t snack ahead of time.

10 minute warmup on the stationary bike Barbell squat/push press: 3 x […]

NROLW and Bumble coffee

Nice and cool this morning – so refreshing! I was so hungry when I woke up today. Had the very last piece of Ezekiel bread with the last of the apricot jam and PB for my snack. Tasty stuff.

Here are some more stealth shots of my new gym.

I’m in in […]

NROLW and POM iced coffee!

Thank you all so much for the nice comments on my running story. I didn’t think it would be so much of an inspiration. Now – go get those sneaks on! Woke up to maybe a little less humid today? Hope the humidity breaks soon.

Preworkout snack of Ezekiel bread with apricot jam and PB.