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Counters are done!

Thanks winter for that last snowstorm. Not. It feels like the deep of winter all over again. It was only in the low 20s today and really windy. Certainly not like spring is on the way.

However, tomorrow is supposed to hit 37 and then low 40s on Saturday!

So on to the title [...]

“Counter” Productive

I made good progress on the counter. Actually the counter part is done. It’s just finishing up the tile.

I have never worked with laminate sheets before and I was really nervous about it. I was saying to John that it is ridiculous to be so scared because I have gutted any entire kitchen, for [...]

Countertop weekend

Well, my project for the weekend is set up. The laminate sheets came in today and we picked them up to finish the countertops.

Here is the laminate (the color is called basalt) with the backsplash to go with.

It’s going to look pretty sharp if it comes out okay. I have to admit [...]

My Healthy Heart Weekend and counters

Did this weekend fly by or what? I loved getting in the emails with what everyone was doing over the course of the weekend!

I did my first workout with the Female Body Breakthrough. The exercises were grouped in supersets of 2.

Yes, I do rehab and lifting with nail polish intact! Cause I’m [...]

Attacking the countertop


Sometimes when I do a home improvement project, I think and think and think and then just take a deep breath and go. That happened today. We were planning on redoing the counters this winter. Then when we found Radiance Manor and I decided not to do them since we were supposed to move [...]

Paint update

Hey, how about that – it’s Friday! And an update on my counter idea. You may remember the Rustoleum copper paint?

Here it is on my piece of counter top. This was 3 coats – and not super even because I was using a foam brush.

This is the coolest paint ever! It [...]

Table, lights and Silent Night

Last weekend before the holiday! I love holiday lights and we took my parents around to look in the neighborhoods. We saw an article about a house with a massive display and headed over to see it. They weren’t kidding!

It was interactive with lights set to music and displays that you push [...]

Catnip, sidewalks and riding

Don’t you love those weekends where you cram a ton of stuff in? That was this weekend.

Saturday was a little cloudy and spitting rain, so I only got about 12 miles in on the bike. However, we got a ton of errands done.

I was even a good kitty mom and bought a special [...]

Bathroom Reveal!

On this episode of Casa Radiance – the reveal! The big bathroom project is done. It turned out differently than I first envisioned it was going to be, but I love the result. Lots of pictures, sorry.

Before (the awful):

Then there was the really awful. After removing the tile – remember this? [...]

Last weekend of rehabbing

Well, that weekend went fast. Q turned out to be a bust and gave us mostly rain and a lot of crappy snow/sleet mix, but not a lot of accumulation. It almost makes you not want to worry when they say storms because it’s over-hyped a lot.

Anyhoo, John helped me finish up the last [...]