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The redone living room!

Okay, here are pictures of the living room. We still have pictures to place and window treatments to do, but if I wait until all of these are done, you will never see pictures. I also was hoping for a sunny day to take shots, but seriously – we haven’t seen the sun in probably […]

Kitchen reveal!

Finally – pictures of the kitchen! This is going to be a picture heavy post, so sorry about that.

The kitchen is what needed the most work in the house to get it functional before we could move in. It took us about 6 weeks to get it done because of those pesky jobs and […]

Dining Room reveal and CocoVia winners!

First off, the winners of the CocoVia coconut water are:


you had me at ICY COLD since we are mooooving back to TEXAS.



I’ve never tried coconut water, but I needed something to kick my ridiculous diet soda addiction.

Please email me at with your address by Sunday […]

Fall weekend

I had a nice mostly unplugged weekend. I worked a little on Saturday morning and then just spent the weekend doing other things. With the move done, it now feels like we are starting to build our routines back. I was on the hunt for a small table for out nook and I hit up […]

Finishing the flooring

Marching in slow progress. We were hoping to be able to move into the house this weekend by our anniversary, but looks like it will be the weekend after that. Not too bad for timeline, though!

Roof is finally all fixed and now I can go and do transcription work from the new house during […]

Counters and 1 balloon

Another weekend come and gone. We managed to do some nonrehab stuff this weekend, too, which is a good thing.


Saturday started with rehab, of course. Here is another look at all the scapholding set up to repair the roof.



They are working […]

Little gifts

Life has been a blur lately. It is a little better with only 1 job and the rehab, though – so there is that. We are trying to do that last push to get the kitchen done so we can move in. That and the shower upstairs are the things that have to be done […]

It’s fall and kitchen doins’!

It’s officially fall! Even though it really isn’t fall LOL! Pumpkins are in the store and they are mammoth pumpkins this year.

The picture doesn’t quite do justice to the size. These have to be 25 pounds. Big enough to wrap your arms around! And they are only $5.99 each. Unbeatable. Must have been […]

Rehabbing and riding

Saturday was spent doing rehab, of course! It was really, really humid and painting was on the agenda for me. It took forever for the coats to dry LOL! Getting closer to finishing the cabinet doors. There was cleaning the doors, patching damage, priming and 3 coats of paint. I want these to last a […]

Kitchen update and a bit of riding

Man that weekend went fast. I don’t know how much work I will have Monday for Labor Day since I now work 2 jobs. I imagine there will be at least some work. Clinics will be closed, but the hospitals are open for all those emergent appendix removals

Anyway, we had thought about a […]