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It’s fall and kitchen doins’!

It’s officially fall! Even though it really isn’t fall LOL! Pumpkins are in the store and they are mammoth pumpkins this year.

The picture doesn’t quite do justice to the size. These have to be 25 pounds. Big enough to wrap your arms around! And they are only $5.99 each. Unbeatable. Must have been [...]

Rehabbing and riding

Saturday was spent doing rehab, of course! It was really, really humid and painting was on the agenda for me. It took forever for the coats to dry LOL! Getting closer to finishing the cabinet doors. There was cleaning the doors, patching damage, priming and 3 coats of paint. I want these to last a [...]

Kitchen update and a bit of riding

Man that weekend went fast. I don’t know how much work I will have Monday for Labor Day since I now work 2 jobs. I imagine there will be at least some work. Clinics will be closed, but the hospitals are open for all those emergent appendix removals

Anyway, we had thought about a [...]

Eating during the rehab

So, can I say it’s been busy around here? I have started working with my new second job. My hope is to do both part time until I transition to just one. However, I am having to juggle a lot of balls right now. I don’t know if I have ever mentioned it, but I [...]

More house progress.

We are on Day 11 of the rehab? It’s all blurring into one LOL! This weekend had some progress and some setbacks.


First off, the wallpaper is pretty much gone in the kitchen! There are just a couple bits of the backing paper that I didn’t get off near the outlets John was working [...]

Kitchen progress

It’s hard finding a balance between work, rehab and quality time. Phew. We still are muddling through that. One thing I have to keep doing is exercise. Yes, the rehab stuff is functional exercise, but it can’t replace the bike!

I have to say that I love how much easier rehab is when you have [...]

Rehab progress

Where was I?? Oh yes, rehabbing. I never even got in a Friday What’s Blooming post! It’s just been a bit busy around here

Now that we own the house, it was time to see all of the unknowns about the house. This house has had no water, power or gas for over a [...]

The finished settee!

Those of you on FB saw my finished settee, but thought I would share the details of the project.

Just a refresher, here was the piece when I bought it for $18.


After I stripped off the 3 layers of upholstery, I had the original piece.


Then I spent a good [...]

Settee update

So, I showed the picture of my settee that I picked up for $18 at auction with the thoughts of reupholstering it. Even though I said I wasn’t going to buy anymore furniture before we moved, right? Promises, promises. $18, people! How could I not get it?

I liked the shape and the wood [...]

Dresser Redo Complete!

It’s really nice to have a project idea in your head and have it come out like you imagined. A lot of times things I plan end up way different than the initial vision, but the dresser worked out just right!

Here was the before:

I did this with my own version of chalk [...]