Things I Like


First floor bath renovation!

Picture heavy post ahead! The first floor bath is complete now. When we moved in last fall, this was what it looked like. Remember that? I do!

Not shown is the damaged wall. The room was functional once we replaced the wax ring on the toilet and we just wanted a quick lipstick […]

Finished headboard

The prompt for 365 photos on Saturday was Surrounded By. With all the strife going on in the world, I took a picture of this bumper sticker that we have. This is what I wish we were all surrounded by: Seems naive and just wishful thinking. I am still wishing, though.

We managed to churn […]

Tubs and treadmills

Man, it’s starting to feel almost winterish around here already. We had overnight lows into the 20s! That killed most of the garden, although the roses that I covered seemed to make it and I brought the mums inside the garage.

Saturday started off like fall, though. John baked some pumpkin donuts with Bisquick. Here […]

Bathroom Finished!

Time for pics of the finished (mostly) bathroom! We still need to do some decorating, but the other stuff is all done. This was enough of an update to make us like the room a lot better before a major overhaul down the road – ’cause I am going to have a clawfoot tub, dammit.


Office and bathroom projects

Another post from the renovation files. We are pushing hard on some projects now. Biking season is approaching and we won’t be wanting to work on projects so much, so gotta finish some up.

John was like a demon and started and pretty much finished the office from Saturday to Sunday. This is the room […]

Getting Jar Jar Binks out of my bathroom

I love how the time change gives us daylight later, but changing the time is never good for someone who suffers from insomnia – it always takes me forever to get settled again.

Anyway, one of the dozens of project I have underway is doing the upstairs bathroom. It really needs a complete remodel, but […]

The next room

For those interested in the rehab of Radiance Manor, here is the next project. I have now moved upstairs! John is working his way into the basement

This is the middle bedroom. It is going to be the guest bedroom, although no one wants to stay in it now It is also my practice […]

Bye Broncos

Supporting my team! I do the dots with the head of a pin dipped in nail polish.

Too bad it didn’t work. Broncos – the only home team to lose this weekend. In a way it’s better than facing the Patriots in Foxborough next week. I just hope the Packers beat the Seahawks. […]

More wallpaper and sister time!

Playoff weekend! And wallpaper removal weekend

Getting started right at the beginning of the year. I actually wasn’t intending to do the downstairs foyer first, but I was taking ‘before’ pictures of the upstairs bath, bedroom and the hallway and then I saw a little loose strip of wallpaper and it pulled off a […]

The redone living room!

Okay, here are pictures of the living room. We still have pictures to place and window treatments to do, but if I wait until all of these are done, you will never see pictures. I also was hoping for a sunny day to take shots, but seriously – we haven’t seen the sun in probably […]