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June Wrap Up!

The last day of June! I can’t believe 2015 is halfway over already. I actually heard the first katydids buzzing the other day, which seems kind of early. Especially since the weather has felt more like late spring than mid summer.

My goals for June were pretty simple. The best goal, which wasn’t really a […]

Thoughts for 2015

So, sneaking this post in on a Friday when very few people read LOL. I don’t mind setting goals for a year. It’s no secret that I like to set monthly goals or other types of goals just go give me some kind of focus, otherwise I am like a bee flying around everywhere landing […]

That 2014 To Do List.

It’s always interesting to me to look at what I had in mind for the next year and how close I actually came to doing those things. You just never know what life has in store to change those plans or how maybe *you* change and those goals are not right any more for what […]

Bring on 2014!

Geez – we are in the middle of quite the snow storm. I think it is worse in some places, too – which is crazy! Not to mention really cold. It was 0 degrees in the mid afternoon at the warmest part of the day. Nothing like starting the year off with a weather bang.


Hello 2013!!

Welcome to a fresh new year

We had a quiet New Year’s Eve. The family had gotten together on Sunday for a games and snacks and a New Year’s toast, so John and I spent a quiet night at home.

I did, however, get a chance to meet up with Dawn earlier in the […]

November Goals

Welcome to November – and Happy Day of the Dead! Or Days of the Dead as John pointed out, since technically it is 2 days. Of course, every day is day of the dead until coffee time!

Don’t you love this coffee break? I asked for permission to use this photo – if you […]

The New Year and January mission

A bright and hopefully shiny 2012 is here. The new year didn’t start off bright and shiny, though.

That was bizarre to see. Fog in January and no snow. You would think we were in the PNW.

I ended up pretty much not working on Monday. There was about 20 minutes of work and […]

December wrap up and yearly goals

Last day of the year and I forgot to do my goal wrap up yesterday. Ooops.

I had a few goals for December:

1. No weight gain over the holidays. Fail. I did gain weight this month.

2. Do some no added sugar days. I did a very little sugar days and a […]

June Wrap Up and mid-year check in

Wow – the last day of June. Sometimes it scares me how fast time goes by. I had a busy month! Time to see how I did on my monthly goals.

1. Enjoy turning 43! Done!

2. Go no TV for one week. We did this and it wasn’t bad at all! TV is actually […]

March goals

Lifting day! After the dreariness of yesterday, today’s bright sunshine was a welcome relief, even though it is still cold. I was up early, though, thanks to Ms. Pixie pushing on the door wanting her crack. So, I was at the gym earlier than usual.

Exercise Set/rep/weight Muscle worked Stiff-legged deadlift 3 sets of 10 […]