Things I Like


Spa Day!

Spa Day! John was out of town this weekend, so it was girl time My sister had given both my mother and I gift certificates to the Crystal Spa for Christmas. She does this with the ulterior motive that we will invite her along when we go. Of course, since we decided this weekend and […]

Making Merry!

We had a wonderful Christmasy couple of days! Christmas Eve and Christmas are real family days and we get together both days. John and I hosted the Christmas Eve dinner, which is tradition anymore it seems. Even though I worked most of the day on the eve, preparing dinner went really easily, which was both […]

Christmas in the Country

Saturday was girl’s day out!!!

One of my favorite winter events is Christmas in the Country. It is an open house tour where various rural artisans open up their houses to sell their wares. It comes with a map that is so not to scale that it is laughable.

The houses are all […]

Flooring and family

It was a busy one, but a rainy one. We were hoping to get in a bike ride, but no such luck. The weather channel on Saturday said early morning showers and then it would clear up. So, we spent Saturday morning working on the floors and waiting for the rain to stop.

We are […]

Mohawk Towpath ride and new biking partner!

John is off visiting his family in Colorado this week, so I had to round up another biking partner for the weekend! My sister and I do things together, usually at her suggestion, which has included things like the Becoming and Outdoors Woman, Camp N Pack – in freezing weather, ice fishing in gale force […]

TJ’s Road Trip!

Saturday was supposed to the the road trip to Trader Joe’s, but snow came and we decided to postpone until Sunday. Good decision because Sunday was nice and sunny, even it if was cold.

Also, upon request, here is a shot of me with my glasses. I actually like how I look with my […]

Off to the Races!

Well, the long ride was a bit of a bust this weekend. The plan was to bike down to the Saratoga Race Track, but the forecast was for showers in the afternoon. So, we went out for a quick 16 mile ride and went to the track via car, meeting up with mom, sis, and […]

Holiday weekend

We are enjoying a nice weekend around here!

Saturday the family got together for a picnic at Moreau State Park. We got there early because the park fills up fast! John and I biked. We stopped to pick up something on the way:

Have munchkins, will travel! They actually traveled quite well. It was […]

Of Markets and Anniversaries

The weather was fairly well a flop this weekend, but we had a good time regardless. The only clear time was Saturday morning, so John and I snuck out on the bikes to hit the farmer’s market.

The market is small, but actually bigger than it was. I don’t know why they don’t let […]

“Home” Duathlon and family feast.

Sunday morning! For those that missed, I mentioned on Friday why were are not doing the official duathlon, but are doing it on our own at home. Making it official for us, though!

I started off with my usual race combo brekkie with extra PB:

I wore my bib number from last year’s duathlon.