Things I Like


Where’s the people?

So you all really are looking forward to me doing a video playing guitar at the end of the year? I hope you know what you are in store for…

I did not want to get up this morning. I have to say that going to the gym in the dark is not my favorite […]

Cookin’ on the hob.

Sunday was a complete rest day for me and it felt really good. I biked in cold weather to the gym this morning. I think the days of shorts for the gym are over, at least on days I bike.

Exercise Set/rep/weight Muscle worked Barbell Deadlifts 3 sets of 10 at 80# Lower body Dumbbell […]

No refined sugar day 1!

I tossed and turned all night last night from the heat and I had restless legs, so I got very little sleep. I had 1/2 a mind to skip the gym this morning because I was so tired, but that is just not me, so I sucked it up and got up.

Had a […]

Why you should be biking!

Last day of my work week – happy, happy day! I was up early to eat (of course). Fairly clean eating day commenced:

Love those protein waffles. I noted that these blueberries did not taste as sweet as they normally do, and I think it was due to the sweet stuff I had yesterday. […]

Bagel day and improvements.

Bagel day! I slept back in my own bed last night, which felt pretty good. I was very stiff and painful this morning, though. Mornings seem to be the hardest time for me pain-wise. After taking forever showering and such, we headed on out for breakfast at Panera. I was hoping to not have to […]

Bagels and a new fish!

It’s Sunday, so you know what that means!

Like how I put the bagel on a nutrition paper? March is national nutrition month, so I am going to try to work in some posts on this topic.

We stocked up on so much fresh produce at the grocery store. I am making an effort […]

Pushing it this week.

I decided that I was going to work ultra hard this week, and not take a ‘vacation’ type of week from exercise or eating.

So today I changed up the strength training, as I don’t want to do a heavy lower body workout on Wednesday, the day before my race. Doing 4 sessions this week:Today: […]

Good on plan day.


Ate perfectly on plan today. Feels pretty good! Eating clean just makes a big difference in my attitude and how I feel.

My Broncos are on tonight, hopefully they will win! It’s a late game, though. Starts at 10:15PM! I’ll be up really late, which means my early morning jog might not be […]

5 Days of Clean Eating done!

I made it through my mini-challenge pretty much 100%. I did have a teaspoon of dark chocolate chips last night, but I don’t consider dark chocolate to be junk.Any other challengers out there have success? I hope so! (Dave, I’m looking in your direction!)

So, the weekend is here, and I know I will be […]

Day 4 of clean eating done!

Okay, Day 4 down, one more to go! Yesterday was really easy for some reason. Well, I know what my munchies were caused by last week. PMS! Sometimes it really affects me, sometimes it doesn’t.

Not jogging today, I am doing a virtual 5K tomorrow with my sister, so not going to run today. Just […]