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Cold bagel day

Back to work again. I worked most of a full day on NYE and just had yesterday off. I actually forgot what day it was and got up to get a pot of coffee going when I realized that it was Wednesday and that meant Bagel Day! It was really cold out, too.

Here is […]

Baby it’s cold outside!

Sometimes living here is not so fun. This was the temp outside when I got up:

That is with no wind. At least there was no wind LOL! Needless to say, I decided to stay home and ride the bike trainer rather than going to the gym in this weather. I was supposed to […]

Cold and cruising thoughts.

If you haven’t checked out my post on how I named my blog, click here! Thank you for your comments! I have the best readers

Bitter cold this morning. One of those days where the stairs crack and pop on the porch I headed out to the gym for my run. The plan was […]

3-day weekend and bleeping cold!

It’s so cold out! I wanted an outside bike ride, but again, this morning it was 30 degrees when I woke up. So, I waited until later. I am going to put flannel sheets on the bed tonight (I am such a dork to get excited about that&#8230.

It was definitely a morning for warm […]

Winter's a comin'!

All settled in now for the day. I got up early this morning and did a 30 minute exercise dvd that had a toning (I hate that term) section afterwards. I knew it would be a while before John got up, so I had a tablespoon of reduced fat natural peanut butter before the workout. […]

Outside jogging is winding down.

I think I am a bit of a wuss runner. I don’t have a treadmill, so I have to run outside. I started in April, so haven’t really hit any super cold spells yet. Only got poured on once.It’s been getting very cold around here. Yesterday it was 28 degrees when I woke up, and […]