Things I Like


Cookies and closets!

Another busy weekend. I worked Saturday morning until lunch time. I won’t be working on Tuesday and I don’t know if there will be any clinics open tomorrow, so I grabbed some work on Saturday. Then John requested his football meal out at a new place that opened up called Ambrosia Diner. This is right […]

Preholiday weekend!

We made it!

Don’t you just want to cover this kitty with kisses? I do.

Where has this week gone? It has been a blur. My eating hasn’t been real great.

Some good meals, like this one:

Crockpot beer chicken. John calls it a keeper! We just happened to have 1 bottle of […]

Being productive

Saturday John and I brought Billy to the mall for an adoption event. It was very crowded. It felt really weird seeing business as usual and how life continues to go on knowing how the people in CT had their lives turned upside down.

There were 5 kitties at the adoption event sponsored by the […]

Curbing the snacking

How about a little something different for breakfast today? I haven’t had this in a while!

This is half a batch of protein waffles topped with a sauteed banana and coconut butter. Yummy! I got the most awesome Circulon pan to replace one that I used to death. Nothing sticks to it and I […]

Just another Tuesday

I had the slower cooker out again last night. This time it was to make breakfast for the morning. Eggnog steel cut oats! I tried the recipe from The Yummy Life. It’s pretty easy. I made 2 servings. I don’t have a timer on this cooker and I didn’t want to get to get up […]

Festive window – Pinterest find

We had a nice relaxing weekend around here. I got my window decorating done. I got my Pinterest project done. This was the inspiration photo, although I was looking to go a little more subtle.

Of course, the link no longer works to the actual site that had the directions for this , so […]

Lifting and work changes

We had a good time at the play last night. It was a good production, although sometimes a bit hard to hear the dialogue. The Christmas carol singing was very good and I loved the staging! Good stuff. This was at Proctor’s Theater down in Schenectady. We had never been there before. Tons of stuff […]

Merry Christmas Eve!

It’s Christmas Eve! This is really my favorite day of the year. It’s the anticipation at its peak

I was up wayyyyy early today at 5:30 so I got up and worked for a while before heading to the gym. I had a Zone bar before and hit the treadmill for 5.5 miles! It […]

Family day!

Whew – what a busy, busy day! Hence the reason for the late post. I also was going to do a post on the naming of this blog, but I think I will wait on that and post next week, as it deserves its own post

I woke up early for the gym today. […]

Treadmillin’ and fudge

I have to say, this weather has been really cold! It has not been above freezing for a couple weeks now, I think. No precip, so the air has been very dry. It’s so hard to get out to go to the gym and get in a cold car (but better than biking in this […]