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Bagel Day!

It’s Bagel Wednesday!  I was up too early and did some work before we biked to breakfast.   It was 57 degrees out, too!  Eeeek! That feels like fall biking weather.

It was a beautiful morning, even if it was cold.  The sun was breaking through the clouds when we got to Coffee Planet.



Shining the light on Burger King...

It smelled so good when we walked in because they just got done baking chocolate chip cookies for the day.  But, I decided not to have a cookie for breakfast :D



I love our breakfast rides, cold or not.

We had some good news today on the house.  We had a plumbing/heating specialist come in to test our hot water heater and boiler for the heating system.  They both work and no leaks!  That was some much needed good news.  We will need a new boiler ($$$) in the next couple years, but we don’t need to get it yet.  Phew.  That was a huge relief.

News on the job front.  The new account I was on has kind of petered out since we got it caught up, so there has not been enough work for me.  I  was offered a position with another company.  I am going to test the waters with them part time and see how well we mesh, so I will be doing 2 jobs for a while.  Does anyone remember when I did that a few years ago?  Probably not.  Anyway, nothing like throwing in an extra challenge with all this house stuff.  I spent so long spinning my wheels this year and now it’s like the Indy 500.

Tonight was the last night of Take A Bite in Glens Falls.  We decided to stop by and have dinner before heading to work on the house.  Downtown is a mile from our new house, so we will be able to walk to this event next year!




I decided to get some Chicken Ya-Ya, which is kind of like gumbo.



Plus an unpictured cup of buffalo chicken soup (delicious!).

John got a fish sandwich and some peach cobbler for dessert.



Look at what was stamped on my money:



Spoiled my plans right there.  I decided to use it for my dessert which was a cup of coffee and a raspberry bar.


Total cost for my food? $7.  It was very crowded tonight, probably because it was the last night.  

We spent a few hours at the house making good progress.  I was on wallpaper duty…again… and finally feel like I am making some real headway.  Just about done with the nook room.  Might have the wallpaper all stripped from the kitchen by the end of the weekend!

Here’s to a good night’s sleep tonight.

Late nights mean my posts will be done later at night. Normally I like to get them done after dinner, but that’s not happening for a while since we leave the house right after.

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