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Well, things certainly turned on a dime this week.   I can’t believe how much we have to do now.  The great thing is that it is on *my* schedule.  No waiting for other people to move their asses.

Lots of blooms, so let’s get a little closer!  The butterfly bush has lots of blooms now, even though the bush is a little misshapen.

butterfly bush

There have been some monarchs and the little sphinx moth is back!  I need to try to get a picture of him/her.

My burning bush is showing a blush of color – what is up with that???  It’s not even close to fall.

burning bush

I have lots of volunteer coneflowers this year.  Here is one that popped up near my delphinium:


This one is at the base of the butterfly bush:


And there are some volunteer black-eyed Susans along with more volunteer coneflowers  in by my Tiki Torch:




What is not blooming? Pixie’s catnip.


The kitty that used to eat her catnip was hit by a car earlier this year and no kitty had been bothering this since then until the other day.   I came out and found her catnip decimated.   I have it sitting on top of the Saturn and hopefully the kitty won’t bother it up there so it has a chance to try to come back to life.




More globe thistles:



The rose bushes are gearing up for another flush – Yay!!  



And finish out with some closeup of geraniums:






The weather should be great this weekend.  There is a lot to do.  I want a long ride since the new house will be eating up a lot of time, but we also have to get the current house decluttered and ready for showing!  Eeek!

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