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Closing date!!!

Things got a little exciting around here in Radiance Land!   We have been waiting and waiting since January and today finally got the clear to close on Radiance Manor!    We had heard last month that it might be getting close, but we were trying not to to get any hopes up since this is glacial bank speed we are talking about.   I was getting a bit upset because we hadn’t gotten the new extension yet and it had expired at the end of July.  Then we got the call this morning.

Damn  – did that seem like a long time to anyone else?


Closing date is next Thursday – 7 days from now!   Wait, wait, wait forever and now full speed ahead!   That’s kind of what I expected would happen.

Here is a video of our soon to be back yard when John and I were creeping around a couple weeks ago.

Lots and lots of potential here!   SQUEEEE!

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