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Happy birthday to John!

Okay, a day late since Monday was his birthday! :D  He is now 46, just like me!  I am not the older woman any more.



I know it is probably pretty obvious, but I lurves him to the moon and back.   :oops:

He decided dinner out was to be at Alibaba in Lake George.



That oven back there is where they cook the puffy lavash bread!



It comes with a dill yogurt sauce, but I think next time I would get hummus with it.

John had the falfafel platter:



I decided on chicken curry.



Very tasty!  The green beans on the side were a cold dish and had been roasted probably in that oven.  They were good!  I didn’t like the pickled cabbage, though.

I do like the food here, but the service was a little lame.  

We went to downtown GF and saw a concert in the park, so we stopped and listened to a couple tunes of the jazz band:



We like to spread birthdays out around here, especially when going out to eat.  I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want is a huge dessert after eating out.   That means that family cake will happen a day later (tonight).

John’s request was a chocolate cake and I made the whole thing from scratch cause I love him.



Seriously – this cake used almost a whole tin of cocoa powder between the cake and the frosting!  I hope it is good :D

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