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What’s blooming? Lots of coneflowers!  :D   I took time last night and got in the garden. With the craziness of work, some things slipped down the list of being able to do and getting out in the garden was one of them, unfortunately.  Last night I needed a good meditational period of weeding.  Join me for a seat?


I finally found the name of this flower – Armeria.  It’s an annual, but reseeds like crazy.  Every year for the last 3 years I have been getting these popping up wherever.



I bought 3 delphiniums and turns out one is a different color. 



Here is where I weeded out about a lawn’s worth of seedlings from my birdseed:




The liatris is in full bloom and there were bees on it. Bees!  Definitely much less than in other years, but I was happy to see any bees.



The milkshake coneflower.  I do love this one.



More tiki torch have opened up.



The little yellow bits in the background are sundrops.  They were very short this year for whatever reason.

Shortly will come my oriental lilies that I love so much.







The old fashioned daylilies are just about done.



The traveling blue water can gets set in different places in the garden :D

The garden still feels so fresh since we have had a lot of rain.  Please ignore the birdbath of shame. It needs a good scrubbing.



I spent over an hour in the garden last night and it felt great to get it ship shape and try to forget about work.



The weather looks amazing for this weekend. There will be biking and going to the movies!  We are going to see the new Planet of the Apes movie :D

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