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Here it is the last Friday of the month! One of my goals this month was to do some other gardening posts and *that* didn’t happen. Where the heck did the month go??

My tippy pot in the front along with some delphiniums that will be blooming soon. Eeeeee!



Firecracker plant.  I really think this plant is so cute!



On a hardscape note, John is redoing some of the sidewalk that he did last year. The first few that he did are not faring well. So, he took those up and is getting ready to pour new ones.



Yay for do overs :D  More roses:





These pink flowers are blooming everywhere.  I let these go to seed and they just come up all over the place. For the life of me I cannot recall the name and I am too lazy to go back through my blog and look it up.


My other astilbes are now blooming. I still have the white ones:



This is the Bressingham beauty:


And Flame:


These 2 are still pretty small as they are immature plants. It should be a great show next year for whomever owns this house.

My butterfly bush survived, but is pretty small. This normally will be 5 feet tall during the season, but I just don’t know if it will make it that high.







And one single daylily bloomed yesterday:


I am going to have quite the show of them this week!  Have a super weekend!

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