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Settee update

So, I showed the picture of my settee that I picked up for $18 at auction with the thoughts of reupholstering it. Even though I said I wasn’t going to buy anymore furniture before we moved, right? Promises, promises. $18, people! How could I not get it?


I liked the shape and the wood detail and figured with a new covering and restaining the legs it would be pretty cool to put in the little room that will be off our new living room.


I was a bit concerned because this was a little more than I was thinking of doing for my first upholstery try.  Turns out I didn’t need to worry…

I used a marker and wrote a number code on all the pieces so that I could use them as a pattern for a new cover and actually remember how to put it back together.  Then I carefully pulled apart the fabric and saw another layer under it.



Okay then. More work to do!


So then I peel off that layer and I see this:


By this point I was all WTF? I also noticed when I grasped the piece that it felt like a wooden frame underneath that had a shape to it and I began to suspect that I had a totally different piece than I thought.  So no, Jeannie, it wasn’t a bag of money I found (how cool would that have been!?!?).

I pulled this corner off to see and I find this:


By this point, the dust was pretty bad from all this old fabric and I was wearing a mask. 


I think the patient will live.


By this point I was just ripping off the fabric because I knew I wasn’t going to be putting it back together the way I found it.  I got everything off except for the very original seat cover.


This was the settee’s original form and it looks very cool. I did take off the last cover with it’s padding (straw!). I saved that for a template to recover the seat. 


Please excuse the old girl – she was very dirty in this shot. I can save all the springs. They just need to be retied.  So, what I thought was going to be a big upholstery project is turning into a stripping and staining project.  I think you can see a bit in this picture all the nail and tack holes from 3 layers of fabric on this. Some of the wood around the seat that will be showing is not in good shape. I am going to try to fill the holes and stain them, but I may actually have to paint the wood because I don’t know if all the patch work will take the dark stain and look good. I have to wait and see.

I can’t believe someone didn’t like how this looked and covered it up.


So, I have spent time this week with varnish stripper and a tooth brush working to clean it up. Hopefully this weekend I will patch the wood and see if I can stain it or have to paint it.  If I do paint – it will be gloss black.

I told John I should do furniture flipping instead of house flipping :D

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