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It’s Astilbe time around Casa Radiance this week!  The front garden is a little quiet on the big showy flowers now that the irises are done. Lots of rose blooms, though.



The scentimental:



My rose bush I planted last year. It’s filling in nicely.  Note the black sprite centaurea not doing so well next to it. Not sure what is up with that.



Little closer:



My new pink knockout I just planted a few weeks ago:



Happy gaillarda that freely seeded itself along the walk:


Sundrops. These are very short this year. I don’t think they cared much for the winter.



And the Astilbe! Now behind the white are 2 other colors, but they are smaller and not quite blooming yet. They actually will be nice and full next year. The white ones are nice mature astilbe.  This is one of those flowers that I love, but forget how much I love them until they are in bloom.



They love this spot. They get morning sun and evening sun and shade during the day.



So fluffy and pretty!



And now for my latest project.  I got this settee to reupholster. I won the bid at a local shop for $18!  What a steal.



It is going to look very, very different than this. Really different.  Just a tease, but this piece had a surprise in store for me.  :D

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