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The dresser project

Here is a little more on the dresser project I am going to do.  I have painted this dresser a couple times and this is the current state, which it has been for probably 10 years now?  It goes with our current bedroom decor.


The top was done in a textured fleckstone, which maybe shows up better here.


It’s getting a bit dinged up. Anyway, I am wanting a different bedroom color scheme for our new house and that means repainting the dresser. I am loving chalk paint right now, but you know frugal me just cannot stomach shelling out $30 for a quart of paint! (It makes me faint just typing that).  So, I researched and found that the component is chalk paint is Calcium Carbonate. The same stuff you take in pill form (food grade) or what you sprinkle in your garden.  I found this on Amazon for $5 for 5 pounds and free shipping!  


The recipe is 1 part of calcium carbonate to 2 parts of paint. Plus a tablespoon or 2 of water.  You just mix the calcium carbonate with water to make it smooth, then add the paint and stir really, really well.  It doesn’t matter what finish the latex paint is as all of them turn out the matte finish with the chalk look.  The texture of the chalk paint is what is cool. It’s easily sandable, so if you want to distress something it is much easier. It also allows you to do transfers like I did to my great grandmother’s table.  

My dresser will have blue drawer fronts (clear blue sky by Valspar) and creamy top and sides (white linen by Valspar).  I have my 2 sample pots in the photo above. This is more than enough to do the dresser. Well, I might have to get another White Linen pot since I already used some to paint my table. However, the cost for the 2 paints and calcium carbonate was $11 – which makes this cheap lady pretty happy.  

I will be putting new hardware on, which will be birdcage style.

Then the cool part. The top is going to have a transfer on it with one of these 2 designs.





I just haven’t decided yet.  You can find all kinds of free graphics like these from the The Graphics Fairy.

I brought that old mirror in to see how it fits with the dresser:



Please ignore Ms. Nosey.  The mirror is a little bigger than I thought and I don’t think it will work as a topper, but it might work as a headboard.  I was going to paint it the same blue as the drawers and I might do that anyway and figure out what to do with it later.

So, that’s my next project. I have to strip off the fleckstone before painting for a smooth surface, but otherwise, I can just go right over the old paint. That’s the cool part about chalk paint.

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