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May Goals

April showers bring May flowers, right?  My garden is a few weeks behind where it was last year. A cold and rainy April didn’t help that along. I hope May is a little more promising.

Here are the big plans for May! :D

1. Continue with Female Body Breakthrough and continue my 45-60 minutes a day of exercise.  This is very good for me to keep doing and really is what I should be doing.

2.  Eat with my guidelines of 6 eats per day with protein for all meals and snacks. Something has to give if I keep doing the right things, right? Hello??

3. Make some doctor appointments this month. I am overdue for some appointments, so this will make me accountable to get them scheduled.

4. Clean more windows. Only 14 more to go. Seriously. It’s not that hard. Just need to do it.

5. Participate in Photo a Day. I will be doing this on FB rather than posting them all on the blog since I don’t blog every day, but I will put some on here.

6. Attitude adjustment. I need to work harder on dealing with the Longest House Closing Ever with a better attitude. I think it comes down to control. I am a control freak and not having any control really, really chaps my hide. 

I am going to try to enjoy more things this month, too, and do little projects that I want and stop waiting until we move to do them.

Bring on the May!


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