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April Goals


Welcome April!  I don’t do the pranks on April 1st, do you?

I have to tell you about my bargain. A few months ago, I saw a chair at TJMaxx that I just loved the color of.  It was only $99. However, we were thinking we were going to be moving soon and didn’t want to buy more stuff. Every time I went to that store over last last few months, I would always look at ‘my’ chair. Finally, Sunday I was browsing after getting my hair cut and at first I didn’t see the chair, but it was moved and the priced marked down to $79!  Again, I didn’t want to buy a piece of furniture before we move, but since we don’t know how long it will be, I decided to get the chair. We went out last night and picked it up.


I think it is a pretty snazzy chair for $80.  Pixie loves it, too, unfortunately. I already had to brush hair off it.  I am in love with the color. Good thing we are moving because it doesn’t go with our living room wall color ;)  We have the next contract extension in the works for another 30 days, sigh, so no move in the near future.

On to April goals:

1.  60 minutes of exercise a day.  I don’t necessarily mean all out stuff for an hour every day, but on days where I am not lifting, I need to be biking or walking for 60 minutes. That’s my goal.

2.  Clean the windows! It’s spring cleaning time. John is enlisted to help with this, but I would like to get the winter grime off the windows this month. Just in time for pollen season :D

3. Figure out my eating plan.  I am doing the FBB, which will continue, but I am not seeing the results that I want to see after 6 weeks. Strength is progressing, but no change in how my body looks or fits in clothes. I need to tweak something, which means the eating plan since the lifting is good. Not sure quite how yet, but I have set forth the goal.

4.  Experiment with my sourdough starter. Breadipus Rex is alive and kicking after being dormant in the fridge for a while.  Quite so – I fed him and he went and exploded all over.


It’s alive!! Gonna need a bigger jar…

5. Start my for-hire contractor businessOkay, that’s an April Fool’s joke :D


I think that is a good set of goals to work on this month. Have you got any plans for April?

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