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March Goal Wrap Up – with guitar!

Time for the wrap of the month!  This ended up being a really busy month for me, I have to say. Only 4 written goals, but I also managed to finish up our counters and helped install flooring at my folks’ house. No wonder I deserved that spa day ;)

Here were the March Goals:

1.  Continue with the Female Body Breakthrough program, really sticking with the 90/10 eating planWell, the workouts have been great – the eating not so much. Not sure why. I do really well for a week or 2 and then overeat. Sigh.

2.  Work on paring down my closet. After putting this on a monthly goal several times with no results, I actually got some done!  I purged out some things from the closet and my sock/undies drawer getting rid of everything with holes :D

3.  Ride my bike – outsideNo, dammit! It was just too cold. I will bike in the 40s, but we couldn’t even manage to get temps to the 40s and if it did, it rained. Argh!

4. Do another guitar videoEnjoy below :D  I almost didn’t do a video because when I sliced my finger doing the counters, I could not play my guitar for a week because it hurt so much! That was a long delay without practicing.  So, this is not the piece I was hoping to play, but good enough. I even memorized it for you.

Waltz in A by Matteo Carcassi

I always find it interesting watching myself play because I don’t notice how much I bobble my head around while I am playing. :D

Now to figure out the goals for April.

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