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Hooray Weekend!

Man am I ever glad for the weekend to arrive.  I need a break. It’s been a while since I have had ‘me’ time and down time.  I am ready for some pampering!  We have a spa day planned for Saturday with my sister and mom. I can’t wait. With all the home improvement stuff between doing our counters and my parents’ floor to my hard lifting work, my body could use a recharge.

On that note, I thought I would lighten up Friday a bit.

Have you seen this video of the cat caught sneaking in a drawer?  This makes me laugh every time.

I wonder what he wanted with the red netting? 

My orchid stem keeps growing – look how big it is now!


I am dying to find out what color it is. You can’t rush these things, but I want blooms!! :D

And, one last bit of humor – cat related, of course:


Cats win the internets every time.

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