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Counters are done!

Thanks winter for that last snowstorm.  Not.  It feels like the deep of winter all over again. It was only in the low 20s today and really windy. Certainly not like spring is on the way.


However, tomorrow is supposed to hit 37 and then low 40s on Saturday!

So on to the title of the post! The counters are finished.  Okay,  one last little thing, which is putting polyurethane on the wood strip, but, the look is finished.  John helped me get that long wooden piece back on, which was harder than one would think.  He also put up with my super perfectionist musings about getting it just right.

Here is a reminder of what they looked like before:


 And today:


I am super, super pleased with how this came out.

So, there was some blood – more than I would have liked, a little sweat and no tears in this project.  All in all, this was not that hard a project and I wish we had done it a long time ago. We didn’t realize it wasn’t that hard to do or that expensive.  It cost a little over $300 to do this and it was money well spent. I took me fairly out of my comfort zone of home improvement knowledge, but that is how we grow, right? Now that I have learned how to laminate a countertop, would I do it again?  If you had asked me Saturday morning when I was in the midst of the frustrating time with the router and then cutting myself, I would have said no way.  However, once I got the router figured out – it was fairly easy. If I had to do it again, I would. Only in a flip house, though.  Our new house (if we ever close!!) will be getting butcher block.

Counter in use:




For a real throwback Thursday, here was the kitchen when we first moved in 8 years ago.








The only things left in this kitchen are the sink, lower cabinets and the windows. It’s a little sad because this is really the last project we will do in this house. Anything else before we move is going to be maintenance stuff like paint touch-ups.

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