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March Goals

Seems it is March, but we are still in the grip of winter.  At least there is light at the end of the tunnel, right?  Or is that snow…

 John and I went shopping on Saturday. I knew it was going to be a good day when John said to me “I want to go shopping today. I need a coat.”  I was ready with bells on!!

We tried a new store. It’s called Peter Harris.  I used to love Label Shopper, but it closed.  Or so I thought. I guess it was absorbed by Peter Harris.  I wish I had known that before!  Anyway, I found this beautiful shirt and it was only $9.99!


Of course, it is short-sleeve, so it will be a while before I will be wearing this. I also tried on a bunch of jeans, but I want to work on my fit female stuff for a while before buying any new pants. My top size is always the same, but my pants size changes crazily in short periods of time.

So, these are the things I want to work on this month:


1.  Continue with the Female Body Breakthrough program, really sticking with the 90/10 eating plan.  It’s going well for me so far and I want to continue.

2.  Work on paring down my closet. Time to donate the stuff I don’t wear much.  I have bought a good amount of sale items this year and need to get rid of things to balance that out.

3.  Ride my bike – outside.  Snow be damned. I am going outside on the bike this month. It will be late in the month after some of this snow melts, but I will get out there.  For my own sanity.

4. Do another guitar video.  These are good for me to do since it gives me a mini goal. Kind of like a little concert or something LOL!


I like to have 5 goals, but I can’t think of another one now other than finishing the counters, but that’s too much of a softball.

Saw a fun birdie this morning.  I went out to warm up the car early this morning and I thought I heard a woodpecker. When we went to leave, I looked around again and saw him across the street.  Hi Woody!


This is a pileated woodpecker, I am pretty sure.  I bet he woke up the people in that house, too.  :D


Check back on Monday for our monthly AIM post!

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14 comments to March Goals

  • Joanne

    Pretty top to wear for spring and summer. Did John ever find and buy a coat? I don’t think we will get out riding bikes until April. It was – 16 degrees here this morning and I think it made it to – 4 degrees here today for a high. Thanks for reminding me to clean out my closet, too. I need to get rid of the old stuff I never wear anymore. Have a great week.

  • Kim

    Fun that y’all went shopping!! I can’t imagine wearing short sleeves any time soon!
    I can’t wait till you make another guitar video.

  • Love the shirt!!! Have a wonderful March Lori, those goals will be met for sure!!! (hear that Mother Nature?? Lori wants to ride outside…0

  • That is a pretty shirt – I love the colors. You could wear it now…just layer it over a thin, black, long-sleeved shirt. I get some every couple of years at Penny’s for less than $10 and it extends my short sleeved wardrobe into the winter, too.

  • Really pretty shirt. Those are the kind of colors that I love.

  • Love the new top! Great find.

    And I like your goals for the month. I can’t wait to read the cupcake bike rides again either. I always love them.

    Such a cool pic of the woodpecker. Since I started doing the 365 days in nature project, I’ve been trying to take a photo of a bird, any bird, but no such luck so far. It doesn’t help that Bella is always with me and as soon as they see her, they are gone happy

    • You have to be super patient with birds. If you really want a picture, you should go out by yourself in the early morning and just sit by a meadow edge or along the water. You will see plenty to get a shot of.

  • Im still reeeeeling that it is march.
    MY GOAL?
    play more clarinet!!
    started yesterday.

  • Yahoo for a new top!!! I really can’t wait for the guitar video! happy

  • Hi Lori,
    Wow! Yes, you’re right it’s a pileated woodpecker! Did you get to hear it’s call, or just the woodpecking? Very distinctive call – and a treat to see them!

    I’m located to your west in Central NY and I’m with you – c’mon short sleeve weather!!!

    Good luck on your goals.

  • Great colors on that shirt for you!

    Wow on the woodpecker. We get those out here sometimes, but only in the summer.

    Oh. The closet. The closet of shame. The last bastion. LOL. With all this renovation, my bedroom, which was always my messiest room, has taken a real hit. Now that things are slowing down, I am working myself up to doing a huge closet purge.

  • I like your goals. I’m thinking of setting a monthly goal or two as well as i get back into my normal healthy life again.

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