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Bye February!

I went to do a rehash of my February goals and realize that I never made any!  Ooopsie!  It was a bit of a busy month, so I guess I will give myself a pass on that.

We had a nice vacation to New Orleans and Colorado, but now I feel like I need another vacation – or at least go to somewhere warmer :D  .  We were out last night and I think I was about as sick of winter as I have ever been in my life. Below freezing and windy. Yuck!  We were out at dinner, though, so that kind of makes up for it.  I was trying to decide on whether or not to use one of my 10% meals on dinner.  We went to Recovery Grill, and my favorite dish there is the Buffalo chicken breast tenders. So good!  However, I thought that since I am currently in the zone, I would do more of the fit female approach instead. I had the grilled salmon and veggies.


I think the potatoes might have been fried, but they were tasty at any rate. I ate about 75% of the veggies, which is good for me considering they aren’t ones I normally eat.  This was my second time with salmon this week  – go me!

I did accomplish another goal this month, which was to rejoin the gym after we got back from vacation.  I did and I am so glad. I really missed the challenging workouts. I just was not pushing myself hard enough at home – and I can tell with where I am starting on this program!

Not sure if it counts as a goal for the month, but we are working on the countertops. Planned and yet not planned. We have some laminate sheets on order and those will be in at the middle of the week, so we won’t get the project done until then.  I kept thinking maybe the paint would be okay, but I set a hot cup on the counter this morning and it sort of melted in the surface, so I am really glad we are not keeping it.  We have another color of the paint and since it is designed for laminate surface, I am going to do a bookcase or two with it, which should hold up better than a counter.

Ms Pixie was doing good with her goals of sleeping this month.  I was doing my stretching workout on the floor and she was sort of watching me like I was a peon or something, so of course I had to take a picture.


Still loving her bed, too.  That was time well spent on that project. ;)

This weekend will be spent just relaxing and working on Monday’s AIM post, as well as coming up with March goals!  Have a great weekend!

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