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Snow and icicles

There was more snow yesterday. Because we just can’t seem to get enough around here.  Seriously – it has to stop!  There is nowhere to put the snow at the back of our driveway:


I don’t remember ever having this much snow on the ground. Even a few years ago when it was really bad I  don’t think we had this much.

We went out for our usual Wednesday bagel. Check out this enormous (and dangerous) icicle hanging off the building.


Isn’t that insane?? I like how they just put an orange cone underneath it (not pictured). Like that will do any good. I wasn’t the only one taking a picture either LOL!

Here is one of my 10% meals right here.



It started snowing again today and I think there was another inch or two. 


It feels like it’s going to be June before we see the ground.


Anyway, here is a fun and exciting sign of not spring, but at least something green!  I do believe that this is a flower spike coming out of one of my orchids! I just noticed this yesterday.


SQUEEEEEE!  This makes me so excited I can barely stand it!  Grow faster, dammit!

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