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After the storm

Thanks for the comments on my back, BTW.  It’s actually getting better every day, but sometimes I just feel like a baby about it. I am fortunate in so many other ways that I can deal with this.  :D

We aren’t going to let a foot of snow stop us around here!  Since bagel day was denied yesterday, we went today.  Off to Coffee Planet. 


The view from our window seat.


We were talking with one of the employees about the super bowl. He knows we are Broncos fans and he didn’t want to bring it up LOL!  It’s funny how we get defined by things in life.  Things I hear most that people associate with me?  Bagels, biking, cupcakes and candy corn.  I don’t know what that says about me.

I am still in my rut for lunch:


While I don’t care for all this snow so much, I do love how it looks the day after a storm. It’s always so fresh and bright.


We have lots of icicles hanging off of our porch, too.


My poor garden. 


Actually, it’s good for it to be tucked away under snow with those wretched cold temps we had. I still don’t know if everything will survive or not.  For the new owners of this house when the time comes…sniff…

How about a throwback Thursday to this section of the garden!



We had one last football meal to have for the year.  Then I am done with all things football until preseason in August. I haven’t even watched any coverage of the super bowl because it was too painful.  Anyway, John won the fantasy picks, so we went out to East End Eatery.  We normally don’t eat out 2 meals in a day, but it just happened this time.

Side salad


Pizza wrap:


I love the dough at East End Eatery, but my concession is getting a wheat pizza wrap, especially since I had a bagel earlier. 

Now all bundled up back at home. :D  I’ll be perusing my garden catalogs and ignoring the snow.

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21 comments to After the storm

  • That’s funny that the guy didn’t want to bring up the a super bowl to you! The new owners of your house are going to be treated to so many wonderful garden surprises when it all blooms out.

  • Kim

    Maybe you should add in a mini garden series on your blog – like steps to take in the spring….I have to do something in the gardens at our venue and I’m completely clueless!!!

  • Snow is so pretty to look at. Of course, I like it that we don’t hardly ever get any where I am in Texas…but I do like to look at the pictures. Also, love the garden pic.

  • The storefronts that you can see from the bagel place look really charming. It’s neat to see part of your town.

    Glad your back is starting to feel better. Don’t worry about sounding like a baby…it’s frustrating to deal with pain like that.

  • Wow! So fun to see the garden shots.summer seems like a lifetime ago,doesn’t it?

    I’m very glad your back is don’t seem like a baby at just sucks to deal with chronic pain and sometimes it just gets to you(not that I’m speaking from personal experience or anything…winking

  • I really dislike snow but I have to agree that when you have days like you had: fresh snow, blue skies, it’s really pretty. But still I prefer looking at it on photo’s instead of “enjoying” it myself happy

    Have a great weekend!

  • Even after a couple of years, I still love it when you post pics of scenes I recognize. We sat in that same seat and enjoyed a cup of coffee one day. Another day, we sat on a bench across the street near the Burger King and looked over at Coffee Planet. Believe me, there was no snow on those days! Sure want to come back and dig deeper into the area one of these days.

  • February is the dirtiest month so fresh snow always makes it look better. But it sure is a pain in the neck. Driving home last night and looking at our narrowed streets and poorly cleared (if at all) sidewalks, it began to feel like I’m never get off my treadmill to run outside. So I’m anxious for spring!

    I heard the snow is going to hold off completely until Sunday. I hope that means you’re able to get off on your vacation ok.

  • emmaclaire

    Thank you SO MUCH for the summer garden pics, Lori! It made my eyes and heart happy, remembering last summer and knowing it WILL come around again happy

  • You are a power lady Lori – we know you are not a baby about your back – all that you do!!!

    Yes, what people associate with you but don’t forget Pixie! happy

    We don’t have snow but the beauty here after rain & the cooler weather makes things pretty here too.

    I have not had a “real bagel” in forever – I need! I have had some of my bagels by my love of Silver Hills Bakery healthy bread though – but not like a real bagel.. happy

  • As beautiful as it is (those icicles! OOH) I’m sending warm “thaw” wishes your way! I love the view from the cafe, your town is so picturesque! have a great weekend Lori!

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