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Lifting and changing focus.

Now that the house closing is delayed for what feels like forever, I need to rearrange things I kind of had mapped out.  One of those was to join the gym after we moved and settled in.  I think I will just do that after we get back from vacation next month and not wait.  I need to decide what program to do:  New Rules of Lifting for Women, NROL for Life or Female Body Breakthrough.  I am leaning towards FBB because I liked that program a lot.

On that note, here was today’s workout.

Exercise Set/reps
Lunges 3 sets of 10 each leg
Bent Over Row 3 sets of 10
Pushups 3 sets of 10
Stiff-legged Deadlift 3 sets of 10
Front Raise 3 sets of 10
Lying French Press 3 sets of 10
Trunk Twist 3 sets of 10 each side
Low Back Extension 3 sets of 10

 I always feel really badass after doing a lifting workout. :mrgreen:

I haven’t shown a breakfast in a while. This was oat bran with almond butter and maple cream.


I have been working on a new piece for guitar.


I love this little work by Fernando Sor. It’s sounding really good except the last 6 bars, which are kicking my ass. They are awkward.  I hope to record this one late in the year on video.  I have a couple other to do first, but I am entranced with this one.  The nice thing about not being a music student or professional musician anymore is that I can decide what pieces to learn. If I don’t like one – I don’t have to practice it!

I just realized I use the word ass twice in this post (3 times now), oopsie!  Normally I keep my potty mouth off the blog.

My latte and snack today with model Pixie!


She’s kind of grumpy because I put her on the foot stool when she tried to lay in my lap, but she spent the day there anyway.

I do have to say that now I am feeling restless. RESTLESS! All that energy I was gearing towards the move and rehabbing has no focus right now. Look out whatever project I decide to land on LOL!

John and I are going stir crazy and are braving the cold to spend some time out of the house with coffee tonight.  I guess that means I can’t get in my jammies yet.


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