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Easy Prius Fix

Well, turns out the Prius only had a dead battery.  Completely drained.  Apparently the dome light got left on all night long.  John thinks it might have happened the other night when he needed to check a paper in the car.  It was so cold out that he got in and out fast and thinks that would have been when it happened. 


Pixie says “Really? Who let you own a car?”

The Toyota people were very nice and didn’t charge us anything to fix it, which they probably could have since it was user error.  I have to say that I actually am really glad that was the problem.  Better than it actually being an electrical problem with a new car, right?

Since we were down in Saratoga, John took his football dinner down there at Hattie’s.  We play fantasy football during playoffs since the picking the winners doesn’t work with only a few games.  I cleaned up during the regular season, but John is kicking my butt in the postseason.

I had a chicken sandwich and a cup of jambalaya soup for dinner!


This was really good.  They do chicken right at Hattie’s!

We actually are going to get a warm up to 25 degrees tomorrow.  Too bad it isn’t going to last.

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