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Sick hubby.

I was going to start with a weather joke, but I don’t want any of you to feel the urge to poke me in the eye :D  Not to mention I am not finding any humor in the weather right now.

Instead, I’ll show my banana bread pudding I had for breakfast.


Wednesday is normally a bagel day, but my poor sweetie is still sick. He was starting to feel better from the cold/flu or whatever he had and then ended up with a stomach bug.  We think it might have been an upset stomach from the cold medicine on an empty stomach.


I even tucked him in with my heated fleece blankie!

His flight to Vegas was cancelled because of weather yesterday, so he had to reschedule it to leave on Friday instead. In hindsight, that was a good thing with him being sick and all. I feel very bad for him.

So, I worked my job and then went out and packed orders for John – which is what next week will be like with him gone anyway. Hooray for previews.  Anyone want to come out here and work for free?  I will give you room and board! :)

I just grabbed a quick lunch.



You know – these Luna Bar carrot cake are *really* good! I have always liked the Luna bars, but this flavor is very yummy.

 Snack time! 


I was having a nut craving today. Peanut butter with breakfast and peanuts with my snack.  Like a squirrel eating nuts to hibernate. 

My check arrived today for work. The company I work for is still in the dinosaur era with paper checks by mail – I know!  Normally I like to ride the bike or walk to the bank, but it’s a little over 2 miles round trip and that just isn’t happening in such cold weather. It’s kind of giving me cabin fever.  I want to get out, but the thought of actually going out is not appealing.  True Gemini in action there :D

Dinner was cooking up on the chicken breast for tonight and the rest of the week.  This week at the store, I bought some Green Giant steamers of broccoli with cheese and cauliflower with cheese. I told John I was treating myself getting those and I think he found that very amusing that a treat for me was vegetables.  Anyway, I decided to have the cauliflower and put it on top of my chicken breast as a topping.


This was really good, I have to say.  I did the broccoli and cheese one on a baked potato earlier this week.  It’s nice to change things up, right?

Working tonight for a while. It will be nice when things settle a bit with work and I get back onto a more normal schedule. With a lot of the doctors away for the holidays, work was all over the place.  I like having a flexible schedule, but I don’t want it to be too flexible, if you know what I mean.  I would rather do the flexing than have it done for me.  John is feeling better as of this evening, so we are shooting for bagel day on Thursday. Woo Hoo!

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