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New shoes and choosing colors.


It was a nice quiet weekend. I didn’t even work either day! I rarely get a complete weekend off from work, so this was nice.  John was finally feeling well enough to go out and pay for my football meal :D  I won the last week of the regular season – go me!

We did stop to get some meds and zinc tabs on the way.  I am not sure John kept all his cooties to himself because my throat is starting to feel sore. So, time to zinc it up. I was waiting in the car and I see this across the street. Come on people, I can see why you didn’t get the decorations down because of the ice and then snow (our lights will be up for a long time to come), but at least unplug the inflatables.


It was beautifully sunny, albeit cold on Saturday.  We hit up Rock Hill Bakehouse for lunch. We haven’t been here in a while. It’s very inviting inside.


The owner is a libertarian (I think?) and he promotes political discourse in his restaurant. Not that I get into politics in public or anything. They also have a library that you are free to browse from and actually take home as long as you bring them back.

One of my favorites to get is the grown-up grilled cheese with pesto, smoked gouda and harvarti on semolina bread.



I’ve also been choosing stuff for Radiance Manor. I cannot wait to get in there and get started.  Here is another picture of our kitchen to remodel.


Does that not look stupid? I don’t know who liked that enough to make this happen, but it’s not going to look like that when we are done. You can see the issue they were trying to solve with the radiator behind there, but there are better solutions, one of which is to build doors with mesh in front of that to let heat out.  We will be keeping all the cabinets because they are in great shape, but losing that funny breadbox/desk thing.

We are going to put in dark cork floors and do cream cabinets with a green wall color – like so:


The colors didn’t come out all the great there, but we decided on the moonlight white and palm breeze.

I finally got some new shoes. My sneakers have been needing to be replaced for many months now and I finally found a sale to my liking.  I actually checked out Payless. I hadn’t shopped there in years and years after their quality went downhill, but decided to check them out and was actually surprised at what I found.

I have a new pair of Champion sneaks:


I also scored on a pair of ankle boots! I would love longer boots, but I just don’t have the calves for them. Or I should say the boot manufacturers are missing a good segment of the population in their boot building. Anyway, I love these:


They make me look kind of cool – at least from the knees down :D


They are so comfie, too, which is why I bought them  – other than being on sale.

AIM post coming on Monday, so hope you stop by for that!

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