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Snowy Friday

Hercules is out of here! Finally.  It just kept snowing and snowing. We woke up with it snowing on Thursday morning and it didn’t stop until early Friday morning.  I don’t even know how much snow we got, but it’s a lot.  We shoveled 3 times, twice yesterday and once this morning.  Poor John has been sick this week since NYE with a bad cold, so I made him stay put inside today with no shoveling. We hit a high of 0 today. Bitter cold coming in for tonight.


Here is a little tip for you. On these really cold nights, open up the cabinet doors for your sinks that are against exterior walls. This will help room air get in there and help keep the pipes from freezing with the lowered house temps at night.  Have you ever opened your cabinet on a really cold day? It gets colder in the cabinet!

The storm passed and the sun came out. It’s really pretty, I have to say. At least until it gets yucked up from road spray.


How about a day of eats for a change? I haven’t done that in a while.  Here was breakfast.


This is a breakfast sausage from a local company and it really isn’t greasy at all, and very tasty to boot.  How about that for a different breakfast?


I had some greek  yogurt for lunch. Kind of a cold day for yogurt, but I felt like having this:


Work was fairly busy for the early part of the day. It has been spotty all week, so I never know when there will be work.  Since I was working, John made lattes (which is pretty typical anyway).


You can see him tucked in under a blanket playing a video game :D


Pixie is being contemplative about the snow here:


So lucky she doesn’t have to go out in that cold weather. She has it good.

On a side note, here are my nails to keep my mind off the snow. Pink flowers!


The flowers were made with my stamping tool. I used a matte top coat. Not sure if you can see the fact that my nails aren’t shiny. The matte coat is interesting and makes the nails more subtle (like pink flowers really can be subtle, but anyway… ).

I had an old staple for dinner.  BBQ chicken on a baker!


With tea on the side. I am downing the decaf Constant Comment with this cold weather.

Plus a little after dinner palate cleanser :D


Staying in tonight for sure – way too cold to venture out.  John usually plays poker on Friday nights, but he is not well enough to be going out.  We’ll be having some decaf and I have a larabar snack.  I foresee a lot of playstation games tonight :D

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23 comments to Snowy Friday

  • The food all looks delicious! I know you probably hate it since you get a lot of snow where you live, but I want some snow! happy Love the kitty pic. And, as always, your nails look fabulous. I really need to get one of those nail stampers!

  • Kim

    Tonight is a perfect night to stay in and watch some football. Cotton Bowl and Orange Bowl. I don’t envy your snow. I had to shovel 3 inches, but it was really light and fluffy and easy to shovel.

  • Kim

    That is a lot of snow and seriously cold temps!!!
    I hope that Joh is feeling much better soon (and doesn’t feel the need to share!!).
    Enjoy your weekend – try to stay warm!

  • I know I would not want to live in it but the beauty of it & your quaint homes – really nice!!!!

    Pixie looks adorable & your nails too!!!!

    Hope John is feeling better!

  • I can’t imagine that much snow! The bitter cold, yes…we got to experience very strong, cold north winds when we were in Dallas and oooh, I did not like it! Much as I complain about the heat, getting THAT cold is for the birds. Oh, and we do that “open cabinet doors” thing too, when it freezes. Amazing how much colder it gets under there!

  • Biz

    Shelley wouldn’t know what to do Lori if she lived in our neck of the woods! I just looked up the weather for us – Monday we’ll have winchills to -50, which only means you’ll probably get it in 1-2 days after me. I will never complain about it being hot in the summer ever again!

  • We still have absolutely no cold. It’s gray all the time, I could crawl inside a blanket and stay there. Wonder if Pixie would join me?

    Yay on your heavy lifting goal from en earlier post! I’m also going to do more proper strength training, I missed it all fall when I was focused on other kind of training.

  • I chuckled when you mentioned opening the cabinet doors…we ALWAYS do that and can’t imagine not doing it. Our old house had lots of exterior walls with pipes. I may be whining in a day or two. We actually have forecast lows of 0 Sunday and Monday night. Very unusual for us. I can’t remember the last time we even had single digits. Thankfully, no exterior pipes in the condo. We’ll be toasty with no worries. Kind of freeing not to have to worry about it.

  • This weather is crazy! Already some companies are telling their employees not to come in for work on Monday because they don’t want people out in the snow. I’m not so lucky. happy

    I had never heard about opening the cabinet doors!! Thanks for the tip.

  • You guys got a lot of snow. We missed all the pre-Hercules snow and only had the main event. Even then we only got about 6 inches or so. The bitter cold is almost harder to deal with. Yesterday we had our gas fireplace and our regular heat on and I don’t think either ever stopped or took a break. No frozen pipes though! Very glad for that. Supposedly warming all the way up to 40-ish tomorrow. It will feel like a heat wave!

    • We got more snow from the day before than the actual event. It is a lot of snow. We might get to above freezing tomorrow and 40 on Monday, so hopefully we can at least get the driveway and sidewalks to bare ground. They are still icy from the storm that hit before Hercules.

  • So sorry John is ailing–hope he’s feeling better in time for his trip!

    I only have one exterior wall with pipes, thank goodness. My kitchen counters can be totally cluttered, but the open cabinet doors drive me crazy. happy

  • The cold and snow you are having in the USA is all over the news here too. It’s so weird because we might break a weather record today too: warmest January 6 ever happy Strange how different it can be in various parts of the world.

    You’re a smart cookie to stay inside on days like this, I would do the same.

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