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2013 To Do List recap.

Another year in the books.  Seems like the older I get, the faster and faster time goes. It’s scary, actually.  Every year I do the lists. Not really resolutions because these are things for me to work on over the long haul and not something I am going to do for a week and then drop like a hot resolution potato. As you all know, I do like large scope goals and smaller ones. Anyway, it was fun to see what I thought about a year ago and see what came of that.

1.  Take a few guitar lessons I really wanted to do this, but was stopped by 2 things. Time and money.  I didn’t think I would be tutoring and figured that time each week could be for lessons, but then I got a new learner in February and we are still working together.  I did find a teacher, but lessons are $20 a pop and going only every other week is still a lot of money per year.  Maybe if things settle down in 2014.  I did keep practicing on my own, though, and did see some good progress. Not sure if I’m doing it right, but I am getting somewhere!

2. Bathroom update.  Did that and totally love it!!  Not just an update, but a remodel. Now I have another house to start remodeling next year :D

3. Yep – lose weight again. Fail. I am 2 pounds higher than I was on this date last year. That doesn’t sound so bad, other than the fact that I was 6 pounds lower 6 months ago. So freaking annoying. This seems to be where my body likes to be, but I know I can be healthier.

4. Either do another 100 mile bike ride or some organized bike events. I decided not to do that as I was pretty focused on my total mileage. Not to mention these events can be expensive. Do you see a money theme here?

5.  Try to hit 2500 miles on the bike this year. Done and done!  That was quite the challenge and I just barely eked it out before weather forced the bike inside. I am pretty darn proud of this goal.

6.  Relax more.  I don’t know if I really relaxed more. I did read a lot more (see below), which did contribute to that, but I tend to be driven a bit and find it hard to just relax. I asked John if he thought I did relaxing and his response was “I don’t know. You seem like you relax sometimes.”   :?:

7. Read 30 books in 2013.  I did this and more! I read 37 books. All of them either borrowed through the library on my Kindle or the Amazon Prime lender’s library.  Sorry bookstores. I would buy, but that money thing again.

Now I actually have a day off on New Years, which is nice. Then we are bracing for a snow storm. They aren’t totally sure how much we will get, but we will at least have to be shoveling something :D   I’ll be back on Thursday after I have thought of some things I would like to accomplish for 2014.


Have a safe and Happy New Year!!!

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