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2013 Rewind

Love having the blog and I can see all that went on in 2013!  Here are just some of the highlights.

January: Billy the stray went to his forever home (sniff).


That was the month I started working on the bathroom remodel.

FebruaryThis was the month we started the monthly Adventures in Maintenance with my partners in crime.

Healthy Heart weekend, always fun.

I finished the bathroom, too.

vanity Funny how living through the reno seemed forever, but it was maybe 6 weeks long?

March:  We bought the PRIUS!!


April – Quiet month. Work was getting pretty stressful around this time, too.  I did have a fun time with my sister at the Saratoga Battlefield!

May:  This was our fun, fun trip through New England from Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. The fun part of this trip is that we went without any itinerary and just stopped wherever we felt like.


I was featured on a Half-Size Me podcast – which I have not listened to yet, can you believe it?

June: My birthday, of course!  45 mile ride for 45 years.

5 years of relative maintaining.

Becoming an Outdoors Woman weekend.  Always a good time, where I became a crack shot with a crossbow!


July: Another quiet month. Lots of riding, though!  And lots of gardening.


AugustJohn’s birthday month.

Free concert to see Buckwheat Zydeco!

SeptemberMy first trip to Las Vegas!


The local balloon festival

Lori and John anniversary (17 years)


October: Pumpkin party!

November:  I hit 2500 miles on the bike!



The family Thanksgiving.

December:  Another herniated disk. Boo.  It is almost all better, though. Yay!

The new Radiance Manor to be.

casa radiance

Thanks to all of you for coming along for the ride! All in all a good year with a few surprises in there.  The worst part of the year was all the work stress. Too many months of work stress in there.  It’s okay now since it is the slow season, but I sure hope it is better next year.  2014 should be interesting, at any rate :D

If anyone else has a recap post, list it in the comments. I love reading posts like this!

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