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Table, lights and Silent Night

Last weekend before the holiday!  I love holiday lights and we took my parents around to look in the neighborhoods.  We saw an article about a house with a massive display and headed over to see it.  They weren’t kidding!


 It was interactive with lights set to music and displays that you push buttons on to make things happen.  It went around the side of the house, too. Crazy!


I couldn’t get my camera to focus on the lights for whatever reason, but it came out kind of cool looking.

My momma at one end of a tunnel:


John on the other end:


It was pretty fun. Luckily it wasn’t super cold to be out exploring.


On other news – we finished the table!  Those of you on Facebook saw this already.  We made it just in time to host Christmas Eve dinner :D 


It’s definitely not perfect.  The panels are a not flush to the rest of the table in some spots. Not totally sure why that is, but I think some is warpy wood and of course, the skill level of the assemblers.

This was the inspiration table from Restoration Hardware:


On sale for $1045 – $1185  – with delivery fee of $250.

Cost of our table?  $250 – and that was with buying the Kreg jig, too!  I thought our current chairs were going to look terrible, but they actually don’t look too bad.  We used this plan to build the table.


We should fit 8 around this pretty easily. Hopefully it won’t fall apart on Christmas Eve :D

Here is a little Christmas festiveness for you.  I wanted to post a guitar video and finally got this one done.  10 takes later :D  This is an arrangement of Silent Night.

Sorry that you can hear the furnace blowing in the background, but it was the best take LOL! Enjoy!

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