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Let it snow!

The first major snowfall of the season.  I hate to say first, because I know it won’t be the last. It’s not even winter yet, but it sure looks like it! The snow started later yesterday and continued overnight.  I took a peek outside in the morning and saw this:


Yes, we do have a garage, but it is only a 1 car garage, so the car we don’t use much (the Saturn) went in there. Our driveway is only 1 car width wide, which makes it a pain to try to swap cars around.  So, poor Prius got the snow cover!

After breakfast, it was time to shovel.


Our little snowblower had issues (John thinks it is a belt problem), so we had to do it by hand.  I got a stern warning from John about my back as we got started.  I had no desire to make it worse, so I created my own method of shoveling.  The no bend, no twist shoveling method.  It worked pretty well, although my arms did most of the work and they were tired.  I got out the measuring tape to check depth:


That’s ridiculous for this early in the season. I am in trouble with my boots here:


That’s a lot of snow, but we can handle it around here in the ADK.  We live on the main road in town and they do a great job at clearing the main roads around here.  Side streets are a problem, but the main roads were just wet by late morning. 

My winter flag fits right in now:


The bobsled chute for 2013/14 is off to a good start!


After doing our driveway and having lunch, we went over to my parents’ house.  They were stuck down in Saratoga at my sister’s house, so we went over and used their snowblower to clear the driveway for them.  It was nice have a snowblower and not having to do it by hand :D   Two driveways is enough for one day. I will confess that we stopped at Dunkins on the way home and got a donut.

So, how about some table progress? It’s getting close! I brought the panel pieces in to stain:


We spent time deciding on the layout of the panels and which boards would be which colors.  That was the hardest part about the whole thing LOL!  We are using 3 colors on the panel, which would be cherry, golden oak and unstained (guess that counts as a color).


The frame is a dark walnut color.  This came inside and we will assemble that in here:


I love how the grain comes out with the walnut stain.

Here is the final layout we decided on.  There is one piece missing because we actually had to cut a new one as a piece got really warped for whatever reason. All those scraps of paper are notes to myself about which panels went with which square and what order to put them in.


Now I have to stain another piece, so we can’t assemble it until at least tomorrow, which may not happen because Mondays are really hectic around here.

After we put it together, then 4 coats of semi-gloss poly and then a few days of cure time before Christmas Eve dinner! :D

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