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Holiday shopping and trimming the tree!

This weekend has a couple of my favorite things.  Tree decorating and the Shirt Factory open house.  The Shirt Factory used to be just that – a place that made shirts.


Now it is made up of artist studios and small retail shops, hair salon, yoga studio, etc.  This is an old sewing machine they used to use.


This is what it used to look like in full swing:


I think this was a great use for the building to be turned into an artist community.  During Thanksgiving weekend, they bring in other artists and crafters to fill the building for an open house. Here are some of the shops and items you see:









This pottery is my favorite. I love looking at her stuff and have bought a few of her items in the past.  I got a bowl for myself, of course.  I texted John to tell him I bought a bowl and he said “That’s not what you are supposed to be doing.”  :D

Said bowl.  Merry Christmas to me!!


Such a neat place to do shopping and finding unique items. I did get some Christmas gifts there as well – not just stuff for me :D

This is the weekend is also when we bring up the tree from the basement and set it up. 


Hmmm… not a great picture, but you get the idea. We have the outside lights up as well.  Now it feels like the holidays.


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