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2500 Miles!

Yippee!  I finally reached 2500 miles!  The first ride of the year was March 10th and I hit 2500 on November 16th.

2500 miles

I wasn’t planning on hitting that Saturday, but it turns out that Sunday ended up rainy and there was no biking – so I am glad I did. Saturday was gorgeous! I still was bundled up because it was in the 50s.


The exact spot where I crossed over 2500:


I actually ended up a bit over 2500 on the day:


Some fun stats.

Equivalent miles of running – Approximately 834

Calories burned – 75,060, give or take a few thousand

Pounds not gained due to calorie burn- 21

Pounds lost during the season –  Zero  :D  I just don’t lose during biking season.

Flat tires – Only 1!  Remember the year of the flat tire a couple years ago? I replaced the tires with Gatorskins and that was so worth it. Those tires cost more, but overall less than all the tubes I had to buy from all the flats.

Distance traveled – Albany to Los Angeles is 2457 miles, so pretty much across the US! Of course, that is air miles, so I guess I need a flying bicycle.

Last year’s total road miles – 2174

Things that contributed to the success of this goal:

The weather.  We actually had somewhat of a wet summer, but there didn’t seem to be days on end where it would rain, so I was able to sneak in rides here and there.

No injuries, or least nothing that kept me from cycling.

My job.  Having the ability to flex my schedule allowed me to get in those rides when the weather was right.

Deciding to commit to the goal.  That meant always planning out how many miles I wanted in a week and checking the long range weather to plan when I was going to ride.

How about a collage of some of the treats I had while riding this year?


So what’s next?  I am not ready to bring the bike in for the year yet. There may be another nice weekend this month. I have never ridden into December, so that is probably very unlikely, but I did ride Thanksgiving weekend last year.

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