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Football winner and throwback Thursday!

Thursday already – can you believe it?  I thought I would do a Throwback Thursday, too, just for fun.  This is a picture of my sister and I.  I am the younger one, of course :mrgreen:


Throwing it waaaaaay back!  We both had the most pinchable cheeks, too.

I won the football picks this week. Pretty handily, I might add. We headed out tonight for dinner.  One of the many things I love about the Prius is the stereo system.  Not only does it play CDs (at least it should, we haven’t actually used the player yet), but you can plug in a USB stick and have as much music as you want! John has one loaded up.  We have tons and tons of music.  John has been working on transferring them all.  I think there are only 173 folders on this one so far.  It’s a mix of jazz, classical, Celtic, holiday, etc., – although I note that my classic rock stuff is not on the drive yet…  Anyway, here was tonight’s selection from folder 99:




This is the album 25 by Harry Connick, Jr.  I love that album.  And I love this car!

Anyway, time for dinner at Siam Thai Sushi.


We really like this place.  They moved locations to an old renovated building this summer and this was our first time at the new spot.  It’s really nice.

I knew what I wanted right away:


Panang curry!  Note the word ‘hot’ by the dish.  It was pretty hot and I loved it :D


I had it with scallops for the protein choice and it came with a side of rice.  John tried it and said “Remind me what that was so I don’t order it. It’s too hot”.  :roll:  It was hot, but not that bad.  I don’t really want to say John can’t handle the heat, but he just cannot handle the heat.  Only my sister can match me for the hot stuff. 

The best part? I now have a yummy dinner for tomorrow night, too!

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